&*%$ Tiscalli!

  ivesy 17:20 03 Mar 2006

If I want to swap to another ISP will Tiscalli provide me with a migration code? If so what is the easiest way I can get one from them (hopefully without ringing that awful call centre in India!). I feel let down by them as I have had to endure speeds of less than 256kbps when infact I should be getting 1MBPS! While I'm on can anyone suggest another ISP? I'd appreciate any help with this.

  ened 17:28 03 Mar 2006

Funnily enough I have just contributed to another thread about migrating.

I am on the 1mbs service,with Tiscali, and am getting 2.2mbs.

I have been with Freeserve since they started and have never been impressed with their customer service, but that seemas to be the norm these days for many internet services.

So far I am impressed with Tiscali, have you tried to sort it out?

There was another thread recently, which I can't find at the momen, where someone had the same problem you describe and they sorted it for him.

  Stuartli 17:50 03 Mar 2006

Just key in Tiscali into the Search box.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 03 Mar 2006

'I am on the 1mbs service,with Tiscali, and am getting 2.2mbs'...you are not using 2.2mbs, this is just the maximum that your line can go to..click here will give you an accurate picture.


  Stuartli 19:54 03 Mar 2006

It's quite possible...:-)

When I first switched from Tiscali dialup to 1MB BB last August I was getting up to 2.4MB - eventually it was throttled back to 1MB after six weeks.

I knew from speed tests and the FreshDownloads panel what speeds I was reaching.

  Stuartli 19:57 03 Mar 2006

Sorry, that should be from last April - in August Tiscali provided a free upgrade to 2MB.

Three months later it did some "service enhancements", ruined the speeds completely and then its engineers had the gall to inform me that my line was not capable of 2MB, despite my protestations that they had shot themselves in the foot.

So reluctantly I dropped down to the 1MB unlimited service and, within days, Tiscali's Upgrade/Downgrade section was offering a 2MB service - at more money.....:-(

  Djohn 01:31 04 Mar 2006

I wouldn't worry too much about it ivesy. Find yourself any decent ISP and experience up to 8 Mb of speed from now on. Some exchanges are already enabled, most will be by the end of March with the rest of approx 5000 exchanges enabled by the end of the year. Only 280 or so will not be regraded.

BT are phasing out 2 Mb ADSL and bringing in MAXADSL which means all connections on IP Stream and some on datastream will be rated at 8 Mb at the exchange and your ISP along with your line length and quality will be the deciding factor of your speed and not a BT line test.

  rdave13 01:51 04 Mar 2006

Good info, thanks. Bookmarked.

  Diemmess 10:28 04 Mar 2006


  ivesy 17:42 04 Mar 2006

Thanks for all the replies. I've had a reply from Tiscali who say they can't see any problems but have asked for my email addy, tel number, dob etc to upgrade it to 1MB/s. I've also asked them why they didn't just upgrade me automatically to a speed 4 times what I have now for the same cost or atleast email me! I've had to ask again for the Migration Code as they didn't answer my question about whether they supply it or not if I want to leave.

Thanks again for the replies I really appreciate it.

  ened 17:56 04 Mar 2006

They are obliged to supply you with a migration code if you ask for one. I received mine from Freeserve within 12 hours.

You don't have to use it (although it will have a death date) and asking for one might just make them buck their ideas up if you feel they are messing you about.

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