TechMad 10:05 27 Jul 2003

A friend of mine has asked me to assist in helping him out on an e-mail problem he has. He was originally with the ISP Lineone, but one day has was asked to update his software by Tiscali. This gave him M$ Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express 6. However since then has had nothing but trouble. Firstly he now gets 470 emails a day, of which only 3 are not spam mail. Then if that is not enough the computer proceeds to download every message sent to him for the last month. (By the time he called me in he was downloading 700+ emails each time).

I have had a browse around the settings, but these are identical to my email settings (except the address and password of course), yet I don't get the same problem from Breathe.

  Stuartli 10:52 27 Jul 2003

Has your friend contacted Tiscali direct?

Contrary to some reports in these forums I have always had a response within 24 hours from this ISP.

I still use the @worldonline.co.uk suffix for e-mails and have no problems, apart from the porn spam, which is frankly becoming more and more unacceptable.

Tiscali says it is testing means of reducing or eliminating such unwanted intrusion but doesn't seem to have got anywhere so far.

  Stuartli 10:54 27 Jul 2003


It's a point of interest that I have never, ever had any unwanted spam or porn e-mails from my other ISP provider, Pipex, although I have used its service since 1996.

Re my previous posting, a clue might lie in the fact that about two years ago Tiscali sent me an e-mail (and no doubt to many others) offering to sell e-mail addresses at so much per thousand.....

  spuds 13:20 27 Jul 2003

Been with Lineone/Tiscali for a very long time now. Never had any problems until recently, with my email and connection. This page cannot be displayed--Cannot Find Server type of messages. Wrote to Tiscali via Tiscali Customer Services,P.O.Box 7206, Kilm Farm.MK14 6XG. Got a reply back from them within 3 days. Didn,t solve all the problems, but cured most.Why not drop them a line.

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