Tiscali-- Yet another improvement?

  spuds 12:18 19 Oct 2003

Opened the Tiscali homepage this morning, and I see that they have 'another' new 'free' service. Originally it was their free email, now they have gone one stage further, by offering free Tiscali Creative VMail.So get yourself a Tiscali account, a webcam, and you can video your friends or enemies for free.Why send boring emails!.

Tiscali seem to be improving,with all their latest offers, including 'Broadband' at £14.99.Interception of spam for £9.99 [was £4.99].But will the bubble burst, when all these 'free' services have a price tag attached, at a later stage.

  Forum Editor 12:35 19 Oct 2003

are competing for market share, and anything that will attract customers is fair game in the battle for the available revenue streams.

Supplying Internet access is a tricky business - the margin between success and failure is narrow to say the least - and in this phase of the internet's development only the fittest will survive. In this context 'fittest' is likely to mean 'biggest', and that's why the likes of BT and Tiscali and AOL have their horns firmly locked in battle.

"All this is good for consumers" I hear you say, and you're right up to a point. My own view is that for the future we need efficient, go-ahead service providers with enough money to invest in emerging access technologies. If competition is so aggressive that nobody can make any real profit we're all on a fast train to nowhere.

  Stuartli 18:19 19 Oct 2003

Tiscali's offer of spam e-mail interception is a joke - it probably sends out more spam and porn e-mail than any other ISP.

I have used both Tiscali and Pipex for five and seven years respectively and Tiscali's e-mail deliveries are awash with unwanted spam; in contrast Pipex has delivered only one such item in that time and an e-mail to its support service about the subject has since seen no more arrive.

About nine months ago Tiscali did inform me that it was looking into the question of unwanted spam and conducting tests - clearly though it wasn't for its customers' benefit but for its own financial gain.

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