Tiscali woes

  ninky4 11:07 29 Aug 2004

To my cost I joined Tiscali in November last year, I took out the £15.99 a month package expecting to get some decent speeds at least better then dial up, silly me, they started out reasonable but then went downhill causing several phone calls to complain, all I got was a foreign person saying it would be looked into, like heck as soon as the phone went down it was forgotten. I have sent that many emails, again all disregarded so I thought I would upgrade to the £17.99 a month to see if that would improve things, another stupid thing to do, the first day it went up to 202 and I thought good O cracked it, not the case, yesterday I got 32, yes that's right 32 and the same old tale everything was working as it should, well mine was not. I have even sent email to the top namely Jody Haskin and Mary Turner all have which have been ignored yet once a while ago when I complained I was told that they would release me from the contract if I so wished but like a fool I gave them another chance, now to crown it all several of my emails are not coming through, they are being returned to my friends and relations stating that I have no email address with Tiscali, yet they always know I am there when it comes to taking the money every month. I have now come to the end and so I am writing this to warm others against this lousy ISP. I cannot wait to get away and find a decent one as soon as possible so any ideas anyone, Is there a decent one out there?


  1514 20:50 29 Aug 2004

click here

Keep every bit of correspondence to Tiscali.

  spuds 22:26 29 Aug 2004

It's strange how some people have terrible service from an ISP, like ninky4 'Tiscali woes' problems.I used Lineone [Mary Turner] and was then tranfered to the new owners Tiscali when they took over. Never had any real serious problems on dial-up or broadband, and the odd time that I required help, it was always made readily available. I must admit though, that the Tiscali overseas call centre can be a little lacking conversation wise.

  Dorsai 05:45 30 Aug 2004

Another person with the problem of a BB connetion running slow.

A common link always evident though. the speed is around the same low figure. it don't help that some speed figures quoted in 'maga BITS per second' and some in mega BYTES per second' which both get shortened to MBPS..

But when i see my connection, 2.2Mbps, what is it? I am on 3x BB from tiscali. their web site says this is up to 150kbps, but is that kilo BITS or kilo BYTES?

I do know that 8 bits = 1 Byte

1 kilo Byte = 1k , or 1024 bytes.


I just can't get the 2.2Mbps to come to 150kbps.

But to the point, all home BB users share a curcuit with up to 50 other home users. this cuircuit whould seem to have a bandwith of 17Mbps. (is that bits or bytes though?) If there are 50 users, all sharing 17, you get .34 each...

And ninky4 is getting 32 and 17Mega devided by 50 is .32mega, or 32kilo (bits, bytes or whatever) as 1 mega is one thousand kilo.

At least that is how i see it.

  [email protected] 14:25 30 Aug 2004

Don’t think the forum would let me post what I think of Tiscali
Now with Pipex and happy with the service

  bremner 15:20 30 Aug 2004

The maths on this are:

Broadband connections speeds are always in bits per second.

Downloads are reported in Bytes per second

ie. Max connection speed of 512kbs is 512 /8 = Max 64 kilo bytes per second which is what you see on the dialog box as you are downloading.

On my 1.5Mbs broadband I get 187.5 kilo bytes per second download speed.

Of course reality comes into this and a 512 service normally results in downloads speeds of 50 -56 KB and my service is around 174 - 178KB.

I do not know where your 2.2Mbps comes into this at all from a 150kbps broadband service.

  It's Me 21:35 30 Aug 2004

I also have the cheapo Tiscali B/band service and it's fine for me. My problems concern sites that don't work with Opera (set to emulate IE6) such as last evening when my grandchildren were trying to use the childrens part of the site, and I had to use IE6 and picked up 2 rogues according to Ad-Aware; and slow sites.

  It's Me 21:37 30 Aug 2004

That was silly, I forgot to say that it was the BBC. that they were trying to use.

  Dorsai 19:05 31 Aug 2004

You said

"I do not know where your 2.2Mbps comes into this at all from a 150kbps broadband service."

If i hover my pointer over the connection thing (two little PC's, that flash their screens as the connection sends/recievs) and right click, and select status, the box says 'speed 2.2 Mbps'

yes, From a 150Kbps service....i can't work it out either...but if i download it hovers around 15, and as you say, 150 KbitsPS is 18.75KbytesPS, so it's speed is actually about right for the service i pay for.

BB speed is in bits, 17Mbits devide by 50. 340 kBits.

Down load quoted in Bytes. 340/8 is 42Kbytes. Max. It will always be slower..Hence the figure ninky4 gets, 32Kbytes....

Am i still doing the Math wrong? If so please tell me. I like to learn.

" Broadband connections speeds are always in bits per second.

Downloads are reported in Bytes per second "

Confusing to those who don't know. would you not agree?

But if you pay for a download speed of 64 , and get 32, being upset about it would not seem unreasonable?

But i guess that all ISP's say 'a maxinmum speed of.....'

Or am i missing somthind rather D'Oh worthy?

  bremner 07:25 01 Sep 2004

Unfortunately it is a fact that the speed indication given by hovering over the icon is often in no way reperesentative of the true speed.

I agree all the figures can be confusing because the ISP's rate their service in bits and Windows reports the download speed in bytes.

I don't understand this part of your post

"BB speed is in bits, 17Mbits devide by 50. 340 kBits"

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