Ranger 15:29 08 Dec 2003

I tried to subscribe to their broadband service for £15.99 a month but am advised that it is not available in my area but they can offer a dearer package via bt at £24.99 to £29.99. I find this strange as they say I must have a suitable BT line in the first place.My local exchange has broadband available
Can anyone explain why they claim that 60% of the country can get their service at £15.99. Is it a loss leader to get you interested?

  Forum Editor 17:59 08 Dec 2003

come via BT at some point - BT wholesale sells the service to ISPs like Tiscali, who then sell it on to you.

The £15.99 service is a 150kbps connection, and some people are concerned that this is called 'broadband' at all - the common conception of a broadband service seems to be that it is at least a 512kbps connection. Leaving that debate aside, the £24.99 service is a 512kbps connection, and like all ADSL services it needs a BT copper telephone line.

I have no way of knowing why you can't have the service if you live within range of an ADSL enabled telephone exchange - presumably you live within the 3.5 kilometre range? That figure is for line length, not 'as the crow flies' by the way, so every twist and turn of the cable as it makes its way to your house is included in the calculation.

Incidentally, on the subject of that 60% service claim, what the company actually says is this:

"Approximately 70% of UK homes are currently on Tiscali Broadband enabled telephone exchanges"

Note that they say this percentage is on 'broadband enabled exchanges' - that doesn't mean that they can all get the service, many of these people will be out of range.

  Stuartli 08:55 09 Dec 2003

I thought that the distance was approximately five kilometres.

Forgive me if I am wrong...:-)

  Stuartli 08:58 09 Dec 2003

...from click here

Distance restriction

DSL can only offer broadband data speeds where the telephone line between the home or office and telephone exchange is a maximum of 5.5km, or roughly 2.5 miles, long. From Summer 2003, BT plan to extend the reach of ADSL broadband which will mean that around 97 per cent of houses on enabled exchanges will be able to receive service. Your line will also have to pass further technical checks. Despite the increased reach of ADSL, some areas of the cliffside villages will still not be able to receive an ADSL service from their exchenge. However, there ARE other possibilities for these areas such as a Satellite or wireless link.

BT News Release NR0311, 27 March 2003

BT Wholesale is testing the provision of ADSL broadband services over slightly greater distances from the exchange than at present. The distance restriction on 512 k bit/s ADSL coverage comes about because of the reduction in the strength of the signal carried due to electrical resistance in the cables. BT's research has now shown that a good quality service can still be provided when relaxing the limits on this loss in signal strength from 55dB to 60dB. This is roughly equivalent to extending the reach of broadband from 5.5km from an exchange to about 6km, bringing two thirds of those customers (about 600,000 households) currently out of reach into the coverage area. This will mean more than 97 per cent of those connected to ADSL enabled exchanges will be within reach. The proposed launch will be in June, subject to final trials.

  JMPF 17:40 10 Dec 2003

Hello Ranger,
It would be interesting to know where your exchange is. My exchange is in Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, and I got the same answer from Tiscali for their 125 kbps 'Broadband'. BT state my line is good for 2mbps, so I don't know what the problem is.

  Hunte® 19:12 10 Dec 2003

I suspect that the kbps service is a datastream product, or offered via an unbundled exchange. Since not all exchanges off datastream products to every ISP (they have to have a reasonable amount of customers to make it viable) then this could account for the reasons given.

  Laser157 12:31 20 Dec 2003

I have had Tiscali BB 512 service for a nearly a year. I pay £26.99 a month. New customers are being charged £24.99. They have to stay for 12 months, I could leave on one month's notice, but I have been pleased with Tiscali performance and don't want to leave. However there are other good providers out there at lower cost for similar service. Building societies have been slated for this type of discrimination between new and existing customers. What would Tiscali do if I terminated the service in a month's time then came back to sign up again after a short gap? Give me another 12 months at £2 less per month, pay the BT connection charge and give me another modem?!! Simply reducing my existing charge will keep me as a customer and cost them less. Anyone else up-tight about this??

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