tiscali not providing service

  redeyes20007 20:12 24 Apr 2005

can anyone help me i have for the last 2 months gone with tiscali broadband and got the 20x speed package..since going with them during peak times which can be 4;30pm until 1;00am i get slow speeds of 170mbps..i have rung their helpline and it has cost me over £11 in calls and the problem still isnt solved.i informed them that i will be changing isp and they got quite nasty and said i will be charged for the full year..as i have a contract.anyone have any suggestions how to remedy the speed loss.ive used tweak tool

  Forum Editor 00:19 25 Apr 2005

that all broadband services suffer speed drops at peak periods - we're all in contention with 50 other users, and at peak periods there may be many of them online at once.

It's also true that you signed a 12 month contract with Tiscali, and if you break it without good reason you're liable for charges. Tiscali - in common with all broadband providers - make no guarantee as to downstream data rates, and therefore you can't use their inability to maintain a rate as a justification for breaking the contract.

Let's see if other Tiscali-using forum members post with details of their downstream rates.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 04:47 25 Apr 2005

is that correct 170MBPS on your thread should it not be 170kbps, I may be wrong I normaly am, I wish that I could get 170MBPS, mind you us mear mortals on a 512kbps connection just get no less than 400kbps downstream at peak times.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:34 25 Apr 2005

Just done the test ....1016.8 kbps and I usually get downloads of 100ish. However I should be on 2Mb by this afternoon :-))))


  Stuartli 09:27 25 Apr 2005

Tiscali, as with other ISPs, states that BB speeds are "up to" x10, x20 or x40 depending on which service you have selected.

  redeyes20007 11:38 25 Apr 2005

ur right surf monkey kbps not mbps .and stuartli i,m on the 20x and even tiscali have said right down the line that my speed should never drop below 500kbps at the busiest periods..anything less than 500 is classed as low speeds.rang tiscali again last night and did test online got speed of 130 kbps.they are meant to be ringing me back yet agin tonight (wont hold my breath to get it resolved)keep u posted of outcome

  redeyes20007 12:05 25 Apr 2005

just to add to my main moan -----i mainly use the net for online multiplayer gaming.when iam getting these slow speeds my ping rate is usually around the 200-250 mark .thus resulting in 1)hard to get into a game server 2)game server disconnecting me..usually at around 1am onwards i get ping rates of 50 which is great..both bt and tiscali have said that 170kbps is classed as very slow .also i was getting ping rates of 180 on DIAL UP at peak times..i dont know anything about broadband.but i suppose my main aim is to find out which side is to blame here as bt blames tiscali and tiscali blames bt>>IE is it tiscali as the provider, who is not supplying the goods so to speak ..or bt, as at the end of the day broadband is used through their equipment..if it is tiscali then fine i will swop isps .but if it is bt,s equipment then swopping isps wont solve anything.. ????/ bring back the days ov the spectrum 48k life was so much simpler

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 14:53 25 Apr 2005

might be a silly ? but how what is connecting your modem to wall socket do you have one short cable or is it long with joins i.e phone exstention cable is so check cable they do become faulty is anything connecting to the net via your pc using up your bandwidth some sneeky little programs do that you know hog your internet connection.you could always phone another isp get them to do a line check to see if you can get bb that may tell u if your line is faulty possiblty. do u live very far from the bt exchange lots of things to consider.

  Aspman 15:14 25 Apr 2005

Have you checked your machine for Spyware, Viruses etc? These are all things which can steal your bandwidth.
Are you using a wireless connection? Is it secure (SSID broadcast disabled, WEP enabled with regular key changes)or could you have a teenage neighbour downloading through your connection?

Is your modem software up to date?
Does your modem support speeds above 512kbps?
Is your modem USB, is it on a hub? Could another device on the hub be interfering with the modem?

If you were sold your package as 20x (is that the equivalent to 1Mb?) and you are only getting 170kbps which would be about 17% of the max would it be possiblt to describe that as being 'not fit for purpose' or as being not as described?

If someone sold me a car saying it did 50mpg and I was averaging 8.5mpg (17%) I'd be back in the showroom sharpish.

Tiscali could justify a modest drop in performance during peak times but not a huge drop. I think you would have reasonable grounds to complain but you would have to be sure the problem is not at your end.

  redeyes20007 15:27 25 Apr 2005

yes aspman it is 1mb i have checked for spyware adware etc..i,m not using wireless connection modem is usb.ive turned off virus checker as this seemingly slows speed..all to no avail..and u r deffo right my argument exactly is that iam paying for 20x speed and getting just above 3x speed at the times when i use the net (between 5pm and 12am) i did tell em that they were in breach of contract to start with ,due to not getting wot i pay for.therefore would cancel using that argument .still say i will be charged for the year (not being racist but it doesnt help when all the helpline peeps are foreign and if i try and go into any sort of technical details about connections etc they get confused

  redeyes20007 15:49 25 Apr 2005

surfmonkey my pc connects straight to the wall socket using the modem and cable and filters tiscali supplied..i dont think that the problem can be at my end as like i say during early morning and non peak times i sometimes get the 1000 kbps..so it does seem that it is due to the rate of traffic otherwise surely i would be getting speeds of 170 ish all the time..but both bt and tiscali know iam only getting readings of 170 at peak times..bt wont even try and help me with this as they only say i need to get back to tiscali as they are provider..but tiscali just says its bt,s fault (talk bout banging head against wall etc):( ive looked in task manager and no progs seem to be running ..is there any way of finding out if i have sneeky prog nicking me speeds at peak times..i run adware spyware prog all the time

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