Tiscali is no more

  TopCat® 13:08 08 Jan 2010

Users moved on to Talk Talk tariffs as of yesterday. TC. click here

  LinH 14:30 08 Jan 2010

It had to happen I suppose, I've been with Tiscali for about 6 years now and found them o.k. - not brilliant - but o.k.

However, my tariff - 8meg, free weekend calls and line rental for £14.99 is as good as you can get so for that reason alone it's a shame it had to change.


  Clapton is God 14:41 08 Jan 2010

Just checked at TalkTalk/Tiscali and my tariff is unchanged - £19.99 for 8meg, free calls 24/7 and line rental

  LinH 15:03 08 Jan 2010

Clapton is God

Mine's not changed either - yet! Hoping it will stay that way.


  LinH 15:09 08 Jan 2010

LionH - what rubbish - I mean of course LinH!

  LinH 15:12 08 Jan 2010

Thanks for that TopCat® - very useful info.


  TopCat® 15:13 08 Jan 2010

billing or other problems with this move, or their connection, then I would advise signing up to the Talk Talk members forums. click here

You will need a Talk Talk email address to do this but, from Monday to Friday, senior staff members are there to take action on your behalf. I found their prompt online help was much better than by phone. TC.

  LinH 15:17 08 Jan 2010

How strange - I replied to TopCat® one minute before he posted!

If any one would like tomorrows lottery numbers please contact me and I'll give you the address where to send a £10 fee!


  ame 22:40 08 Jan 2010

Nobody's told me. I'm on Tiscali Max Unlimited (8Mb limit) plus Anytime Talk II.

  spuds 22:42 08 Jan 2010

I only hope that this doesn't lead to further confusion, because the other month I tried to contact Tiscali about a 'technical' problem and was given the run-about, which resulted in a rather larger telephone bill than normal, being transfered to a 50p a minute premium line. I was not an happy bunny, even after I had managed to get a 'good will gesture' refund after making a higher level complaint.

At that time I was informed that Tiscali and Talk Talk were two separate companies, running their on affairs, and neither company was able interconnect with each other.I note with this 'new' arrangement, it still states that any contacts are 'as previous'.

  GaT7 23:39 08 Jan 2010

I noticed something was amiss yesterday when I tried navigating to the Ticali site to access my webmail. At first I thought my browser had been hijacked, as I kept getting redirected to the TT website!

Well, eventually I tried logging in with my Tiscali details & when it worked did a Google search, which confirmed the takeover.

I'm wondering, as I have a Tiscali email account from my dial-up days, how can I get a Talk Talk email address in order to join their forum? G


"How strange - I replied to TopCat® one minute before he posted!"

LinH, It's been happening for a while now. See these threads click here, click here & click here - lattermost is 2 months ago. G

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