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  Bellboy 10:21 15 Dec 2003

I recently sent a post to Tiscali, as follows;
Due to the high number of spam posts I receive, I have changed my important e-mails to my secondary address with the intention of deleting my current main address. How then should I change my Tiscali account to my current secondary address?

Eventually I got this response;
Regarding your query, I am afraid we do not have a provision to change the status of an e-mail address. I am afraid there is no provision to delete, edit or change a primary or secondary e-mail address once created.

Helpful or what?

  Stuartli 11:07 15 Dec 2003

Tiscali is getting beyond a joke - see my thread "Will Tiscali ever get it right...?"

What particularly angers me is that, for a fee, it will filter out spam mail for you.

But this is the very same spam that it distributes in the first place.

It should filter it as a matter of routine and as a necessary service for its subscribers, not for financial gain.

  Bellboy 12:08 15 Dec 2003

You are right.

It is in Tiscal's interest to sicken me with spam, driving me to pay them to filter.

They are also bad at altering DUN settings, requiring you to talk to some "robot" on a premium rate phone line.

I dread the hastle of trying to change, and, even with the recent 20% price hike, they still seem good value.

  Stuartli 14:20 15 Dec 2003

DUN settings are pretty similar no matter what your ISP - do you mean the dialup phone numbers?

These are very easy to change from the Dialup Connection panel.

A list of the numbers for the various packages is available in the Tiscali Help section, along with the DUN configuration itself.

  Bellboy 17:30 15 Dec 2003

There was a time when they changed the DUN number and then changed it back. Any calls between were charged to me by BT. – No compensation.
Then, my mail password was not accepted. I phoned the helpdesk. Moron insisted in going through my settings and changed them to exclude my dialup number. After five calls, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, who admitted that the server was at fault. Cost to me £9.00 – no compensation.
Another trick they have is, when you “cannot be authenticated” and query your password, they change the password to a basic six figure number, but do not send the mail informing you for two days.
As I said, at least they are cheap.

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