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  Wilham 15:33 24 Mar 2004

I want to send/receive faxes to/from someone abroad who has no email facility. It's several years since I used fax so I started configuring it from Windows XP.
My broadband modem (by tiscali/thompson) was not recognised..."You have no modem..". Switching to off-line and a retry gave same response.

So I looked at tiscali options. Green tab at top, 'Configurations', then 'Fax to email' tab.

Well, I haven't noticed this until now. Fax to email could be useful, but it is receive only. It assumes outgoing stays email.

In olden days I could send fax using a scanner and my ISP. Can this still be done?

I remember now the point I dropped fax. The s/w winfax clashed with aol, and I never got round to an upgrade.

  Stuartli 17:50 24 Mar 2004

DP has an first class Fax program but is not installed by default - it will need to be acquired from your XP disk and configured which is very easy.

I'm on dialup so I've always used a fax to e-mail receive service; originally it was with FaxMe until it ceased operating, so I switched to Tiscali's version which operates in the same way.

Until I moved over to XP I used to use the Windows 95/98 Windows Messaging Service which is a first class fax program (awe.exe and wms.exe), which worked exactly like Outlook Express regarding layout, folders etc.

I've since been using the XP Fax Console to send faxes and the Tiscali fax to e-mail to receive them - with dialup, as you will realise, you must know if a fax is coming to be able to answer.

With the Tiscali service, you get a dedicated 0871-xxx-xxx fax number and the sender pays the cost of the call; Tiscali takes a small cut as its financial return.

  Stuartli 17:53 24 Mar 2004

First paragraph should read that "XP has a first class fax program"....

Secondly, the faxes sent using XP (or 95/98) are exactly the same in appearance as from a fax machine and you can set up a number of different types of fax pages according to requirements.

  Stuartli 17:54 24 Mar 2004

Just noticed you have broadband - you can't send faxes via broadband, you will need to add a modem to your system, perhaps a cheapo model at around £8-£10.

  Wilham 18:18 24 Mar 2004

Ah, you've cracked it, great! I found a speed listing, it only went up to 90bps, and I wondered.
Limitation could be by Tiscali or WinXP? Your help cheered me at the right moment.

I have modems, problem will be sharing with BB modem. Haven't thought about that yet.

I've found this as possible answer click here

Thanks Stuarti.

  Stuartli 09:19 25 Mar 2004

I came across that link - along with a number of others - whilst looking for such a service when FaxMe packed up, but Tiscali, one of my two ISPS, came along with its fax to e-mail offer at the right time..:-)

  Wilham 14:55 25 Mar 2004

I'm curious how you found out you can't send fax via broadband. It appears to be true and answered my problem, but I can't see in theory why.

Except no money in it for the ISP; is that it?

  Totally-braindead 15:22 25 Mar 2004

Wilham, I can't find the thread just now but someone explained quite clearly, in the past 2 or 3 days, why you can't use Broadband to send a fax and it has nothing to do with money its the format of a fax message being incompatible with Broadband. Can't remember exactly what the explanation was but if I find the thread again I'll post again to this thread. Its something like Broadband is Digital and Faxes are Analogue or something like that.

  Wilham 17:59 25 Mar 2004

Stuarti, thanks.
Picked up a Jessops' catalogue this am, see it's got a Contax dig'l camera SLR with a 35mm-sized sensor. Getting near to be as good as a Spotmatic.
But I'd better put this on its own thread in next few days.

Won't close this in case someone comes up with a way round BB/fax incompatibility.

Thanks again

  Simsy 07:09 05 Apr 2004

by definition, a FAX is actually an analogue sound signal that travels as a "sound" over a telephone line.

Tis is not what BBand does, whether it's ADSL or cable.

(I'm 99% sure I've got that right, but I'm open to correction!)



You cant fax with broadband because....

Sending a fax is like makeing a telephone call - you dial the number required and literally connect to the other end, be it fax or voice.

With broadband, you are always connected to the broadband service - the main "Pipe" as such and have no way of "diverting" your signal to a specific machine/telephone number. ADSL is "always on" and your PC constantly receives the signal/sends a signal and you cannot then say "I just want Joe Bloggs to get this bit"

Also, as above, Fax uses analogue transmissions - the high pitched squealing is the "communication" - with ADSL the signal is even higher and runs in tandem or "on top of" the voice signal - the reason why we can use BB and receive a telephone call together.

Fax and Broadband are entirely seperate communication methods using differing transfer methods - never the twain shall meet!

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