Tiscali - Excellent service

  Jackcoms 09:56 27 Feb 2007

At 7:30 this morning I upgraded from Tiscali's 2Mb BB plus free phone calls package at £19.99 per month to their 8Mb plus free phone calls package at £17.99 per month.

At 9:30 I received an e-mail from Tiscali to say that my upgrade to 8Mb was complete and I should now start getting the higher speeds (subject to a 10 day 'settling in' period).

Well done Tiscali!

  Stuartli 10:09 27 Feb 2007

I also found that Tiscali's Downgrade/Upgrade of connection speeds was always on the ball, usually completed by the following day rather than within 96 hours.

So two hours is certainly exceptional.

  Jimmy14 21:51 27 Feb 2007

I done the same as you in upgrading to Tiscali's 8Mb Package. Everything is nice with Tiscali until you actually start experiencing the speeds of that package. I get under 1Mb results between 6pm and 11pm Mon-Sat and outwith these times I will get around 6-8Mb. Not very reliable is it. Their support center is a disgrace, they havn't responsed to my support ticket since the 12th of February. I never download large files but downloaded Linux for my friend which was 3.7Gb last Friday night. They sent me an email the next morning saying I better stop downloading at peak hours or they will limit my usage. If they even try and limit my usage I will easily change supplier. I hope you get a good service but I very much doubt the speed aspect of it.

  Jackcoms 07:53 28 Feb 2007

To be honest, I'm not TOO bothered about the speed.

As long as I get at least what I was getting on their 2Mb package (around 1.91Mb) I'll be satisfied and I'll still have saved £2 a month!

  Jimmy14 08:25 28 Feb 2007

For example, I have just done a speed test at 08:24am and got 6.2Mb. If I do one between 6pm and 11 tonight I get about 400Kb each time. Not saying it is rubbish but I would just like good speeds all the time and I use the service a lot during the hours its slow.

  HondaMan 09:52 28 Feb 2007

Don't forget that between 18:00 and 23:00, America is working. This is bound to have a substantial impact, its another reason why most ISPs regard peak-time as equivalent to the American working day!

  Jimmy14 16:35 28 Feb 2007

I got a email from Tiscali today. They say that are engineers working on this problem with frequent messenger disconnects and speed problems between 6pm and 11pm. I also read on the Tiscali forums that hundreds of people are having this problem. It never used to be like this so it can't be anything to do with "America Working"

  Jackcoms 16:50 28 Feb 2007

Does America work?? First I've heard about it. ;-)

  Newuser38 20:31 28 Feb 2007

Tiscali and Others have always said that 6pm to 11 pm is a bandwidth problem time. Some of us got warned a while ago for overusing our "unlimited" download capability.

I was only downloading Vista beta.

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