Tiscali Daytime package??

  User-BECDE3BD-0FDC-4B66-A5188C7935821779 14:38 07 Jul 2003

a couple of weeks ago i signed up for the Tiscali Daytime package(4.99 amonth for free internet between 8a.m and 6p.m).i got a letter from BT saying that my bill has reached 160 pounds, calling them i found out it was from internet calls!querying this with Tiscali i found out that the dial up program that is installed defaults to the pay-as-you-go number, so withouth realising i have been paying for my internet calls by the minute(or whatever). i have contacted Tiscali and their response was that somewhere in the setup you are told to change this number(i dont remeber seeing this or any alternative number).so now i am stuck with a huge phone bill i dont believe i am resposible for!!any ideas or sudgestions as to what to do would be great!

  Stuartli 20:04 07 Jul 2003

Your arithmetic doesn't add up paying for 1p a minute phone calls over a two week period.

If you used the service non-stop the maximum charge would be £6 a day. Multiply that by 14...

  windowpane 17:41 13 Apr 2005

I am a user of Tiscali [email protected] £4.99p per month, I now find that everytime there is a bank holiday they charge me for access on that day, if as they say access is free from 0800-1800 monday to friday it should be free, I sent two e-mails to them and they never replied, I happened to stumble on this scam,by looking at their chart, they should rename themselves scalliwags.

  Stuartli 09:14 14 Apr 2005

Tiscali has two DayTime accounts - DayTime and DayTime Plus. The dialup number is, obviously, different for each service.

You state you have the DayTime service (confirmed by your payment amount), so you are covered from 8am to 6pm daily from Mondays to Fridays; any other times you pay by the minute including weekends.

DayTime Plus is also from 8am to 6pm but includes weekends as well between these times. The price is £7.99 a month.

The telephone number required to be configured for your choice of DayTime is clearly listed on Tiscali's website and will also have been provided again, probably by e-mail confirmation on your takeup of the service.

  gell 16:33 14 Apr 2005

I have used this package for two years with no pronlems at all. The trick is to get two servers-one Tiscali and a free one to use at weekends which offers a cheaper rate

  windowpane 17:08 20 Apr 2005

Further to my previous letter I sent three E-mails to Tiscali none of which produced a reply, I then telephoned them to complain and received the hight of impudence from the woman at the other end, and was told that I had been using the internet on saturdays and sundays on a regular basis,which was a load of rubbish, as No one was at home at the weekends, and what did I expect but to be charged, when I protested she told me to put my complaint in writing, and in other words not to bother her,she refused to answer me when I put it to her that they were charging people for their use on good friday/easter monday,and were in breach of their terms and conditions, and that this had not gone unnoticed by user of the daytime service, I shall send them my complaint by recorded delivery, along with my records of usage, none of which show a weekend access, if I do not receive a reply/refund I shall contact Otelo.org.uk their watchdog with my complaint.

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