Tiscali Customer Service

  bfc_tangerine 00:05 02 Jun 2004

I've seen a few posts on here discussing various BB providers. We signed up with Tiscali for the 512 kbps last August and were very pleased with the speed it took to set it all up.

However, we moved house in April and they are incapable of dealing with a house move. Once, it took me 5 hours to get an answer from the customer service helpline. Our moving date was 10th April, we rang 10 working days before the moving date to request our new line activated. We stopped waiting last week when our cable connection was put in. Letters to their customer service department in Milton Keynes (you can't complain by email!?) have gone unanswered. Supervisors and/or managers on the telephone lines are non existent. And the more you ring, the longer it takes them to go through your notes, therefore the more money you are paying for the national rate call. One of our calls was logged, by them, at 34 minutes with no end result.

I have phoned them 7 times to find out what is going on. On each occasion I have been asked to confirm our new address. We have also received 3 calls from them asking us to confirm our new address. And they still can't get it right!

However, our 12 month contract has eventually been cancelled early as I have now refused to pay them another penny.

The moral of the story...don't use Tiscali if you intend to move house as they just cannot cope and have no idea of customer service.

  spuds 01:01 02 Jun 2004

Similar incident with a telephone call that I made to Tiscali support in India yesterday.I spent twenty five minutes on the phone,put on hold three times whilst technician spoke to his supervisor. I suggested that I spoke to the supervisor direct,but was informed that he was not allowed to transfer me.

Wrote a letter two weeks ago and sent email two days ago, still waiting for replies.Not a way to run a customer friendly business!.

  Stuartli 08:47 02 Jun 2004

I've been with Tiscali (and its predecessor WorldOnline) for several years - e-mails to the customer service department are normally replied to within 48 hours maximum.

Apart from a sometimes patronising tone the advice or assistance is usually helpful.

But I would never claim it to be the world's finest ISP....:-)

My other ISP, Pipex, leaves it dead in the water.

  spuds 10:19 02 Jun 2004

Got the email reply this morning.Basically it is a print-out from Tiscali help and support question and answer forum. Doesn't answer the question that I put to them!!.

Snailmail again, no point in phoning the Indian call centre (;o(

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