Tiscali Broadband x3,x5 any good?

  vinnyobee 20:16 04 Feb 2004

I`m thinking of signing up,does anybody have any comments on Tiscali please.

  [email protected] 20:45 04 Feb 2004

Been with them now for over 3 months no problems,and am happy with what i've got..so far

  Dipso 20:48 04 Feb 2004

If it's cost, have you considered click here who offer a PayAsYouGo package at 10x from £10 a month. You do have to pay for connection and supply your own modem but if your'e a light to medium user, you should make back the connection charge in a few months and you get the true 10 x ADSL speed.

  spuds 23:25 04 Feb 2004

I use the full Tiscali BB and x3 services.Very satisfied with both.Use to have Lineone dial-up, which was taken over by Tiscali.

  bruno 23:30 04 Feb 2004

I am with Dipso here.My highest bill is lass than £14 up to now.Also very good service and no waiting on phoneif you have a query.

  dane 1 11:47 05 Feb 2004

Been using it for three weeks now, no problems at all.

  erkmatrix 14:37 05 Feb 2004

I did read a few things about Tiscali that had put me off them from click here

But then I guess every company sometimes has a unsatisfied customer, still you might want to read through a few posts and check the whole site out, I found it quite interesting as I'm too thinking of getting adsl, thinking at the moment I will go with plusnet for £18.99 a month though although the click here deal does sound good and click here is also worth considering and gets rating high on click here.


  Stevex2000 13:56 06 Feb 2004

Have been using Tiscali anytime dial up for a few months, and have been happy with the service.

Planning to upgrade to broadband shortly:

click here

where they also have a decent phone service available for BT users tired of paying over the odds for calls!

I plan to go for the top BB deal @ £24.99 but think the £15.99 is well worth it if you're not planning to go crazy on the old downloads (ie movies!)


  philspace 13:59 25 Apr 2004


I recently signed up for a Tiscali broadband package, (x3)

My question is: How many telephone filters are included in the installation kit?

I drew a blank using their website/helpdesk.

Many thanks for reading!

  antoni34 14:17 25 Apr 2004

When I signed up 11 months ago, I got 2 filters.

If u need more buy them Dixons etc

  pj123 14:52 25 Apr 2004

Make sure you can get it first. My friend is on Tiscali dialup and wanted to switch to BB. As he is working (like most of us) during the day he thought the offer of x10 50 hours a month was a good deal at £19.99 a month. Tiscali say he can't have that, he can only have the x10 standard. He can't even have the x3 or x5 either. He has now gone with BT x10 at £19.99.

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