Tiscali broadband upgrades - or lack of them!

  WMB 17:08 03 Mar 2005

Recently contacted Tiscali by e-mail about where the upgrade to 1 mb option has disappeared to, and why I'm still paying £24.99 for a 512k account (which to people who sign up now costs just £17.99 looking at their upgrade options).

I've been fobbed off with the following:

"I can confirm that when you registered for your Broadband service you agreed to pay £24.99 per month, since then Tiscali have bought out new packages to remain competitive with other ISP's."

Even better though is the useful information that "However, due to the current changes taking place, the Upgrade/Downgrade service has been suspended until January 12th 2005." This in in an e-mail dated 3/3/05!

Well Tiscali rather than wait for baited breath for the speed upgrade and instead of spending my time in trying to get my money back, I think I'll spend it in finding an alternative ISP and getting you of my line!

  joel42 11:55 04 Mar 2005

Be careful trying to escape from Tiscali. I decided in Jan to change ISP and gave the required notice. I was plagued by phone-calls ofering the upgraded service at the same price-did'nt take up their offer. I received 4 identical letters on consecutive days saying that they woul terminate my service, but that it woul take 10 days to release my line. 10 days later the line was still not released - I phoned and was told it was 10 working days. Next call I was told that it was 10 to 12 working days.
I'm finally free, but last night I got a cold call on behalf of Tiscali "my internet service provider" offering me an upgraded service.
I spoke to the caller in German, which for some strange reason he didn't seems to understand and he hung up on me.

  eckmacnab 09:50 19 Mar 2005

I am also paying £24.99 a month and tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to the cheaper service (the £24,99 service doesn't include antispam / antivirus protection unless you pay even more!) I have e-mailed tiscali twice about this and they haven't even bothered to reply. I have been with them for over a year now, so any argument citing the initial contract agreement doesn't really hold water. I am therefore also looking to switch providers. Question is who to switch to? Initial quick look suggests other 512k services seem to be disappearing or have download caps, and I could do without the hassle experienced by joel42!

  clock 10:17 19 Mar 2005

I don't hold out much hope for you WMB! I've never been a Tiscali customer but they keep sending me e-mails saying I can now view my account history!!

I've spoken to Customer services in India (I think), and they wouldn't let me get off the line after explaining the problem, - I assume they get some of the money from the call cost!! I've also e-mailed them to no avail. Now I just bin the e-mails!!


  SEASHANTY 13:05 19 Mar 2005

I originally considered joining Tiscali but settled for AOL and then changed to NTL cable BB. Seems the choices were wise in retrospect. However Tiscali still plague me by insisting on their CD's being
stuck in magazines which I read. I certainly would
never consider joining them due to the constant
annoyance they cause.

  vejsnas 15:45 26 Mar 2005

Funny that I use Tiscali with 512k connection, as the lower offer for £17.99 came on I contacted them to see if this woul affect my charges, and it did they have changed the price I pay to 17.99. They were surprisingly efficient and can do, rather impressed

I used to be with ntl and their service was much worse, also they do not offer a spamfilter with their package. They also managed to charge me 5 months after having cancelled with ntl
Will never go back

  WMB 15:53 26 Mar 2005

Phoned up and cancelled my account. Funnily enough the first thing they offered was to drop the price to 15.99 a month. If they can afford to do this now, why hadn't the automatically dropped the price in the first place and I would probably have styaed with them.

I'll let you know how swiftly they get off my phone line!

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