Tiscali Broadband Problem

  Welsh Squad 12:24 16 Nov 2007

My tiscali broadband stopped working about 13 days ago. After 3 changes of modem, paying a PC tech engineer to try and re-connect and countless calls to Tiscali tech dept, I still do not have a connection. Seems there is a problem between tiscali and BT exchange. I am at the end of my patience and now want to drop tiscali, my concer is that if I get a MAC code and transfer to another ISPN, will I have the same problem? if so is there any way of getting direct action from BT, short of abandoning my phone line and going cable (which seems a bit extreem)?
Welsh Squad

  Nonny 15:44 19 Nov 2007

I did have Tiscali some time ago. It wasnt very good. It kept closing my connection. My neighbour had the same problem only worse. We both went to BT and apart from one connection problem each at the begining, it has been as good as gold since ( I have been with BT for just over a year) I do not think BT will talk to you as you are a Tiscali customer. I know from my experience of when I was with Demon.

  ronalddonald 23:09 22 Feb 2008

go to look on google for 3 mobile broadband, it might help

  Giant68 09:38 25 Feb 2008

I have a similar problem with pipex, bought by Tiscali? no connection for 4 weeks now.So far their tech support can not decide whether the problem is with them or BT at the exchange, and it just seems to go backwards and forwards between the two of them. So I will be interested in the answer to your question Welsh Squad.


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