tiscali broadband offer- any good?

  badgery 07:52 15 Apr 2005

Got an email today asking if I want to change my Tiscali dial-up to broadband at £14.99 p month.
It is 1Mbs (2GB), though I confess to being in the dark as to what these figures mean in terms of how much surfing I can do before hitting excess charges!
I am a 'normal' surfer, do not download music etc, just mainly look at sites, forums, holiday planning etc. Would this package be good value?
Any info, advice gratefully received.

  TomJerry 09:42 15 Apr 2005

but I just do not like 12 months contract myself.

  Stuartli 10:19 15 Apr 2005

It will be more than enough for such purposes.

Tiscali has stated that the vast majority of its broadband customers only use about 800MB a month on average.

I got the same e-mail - a week after I had signed up to its 1Mbps, 2GB usage cap service, migrating from DayTime Plus.

I've asked Tiscali to honour me with the £1 less a month offer.

  badgery 10:20 15 Apr 2005

Anyone tell me an easy way to estimate how much Gb I would likely use? I realise this is like a "How long is a piece of string?" question, but there must be some pointers I could try to give me an idea if this 2Gb was enough or not?

  badgery 10:22 15 Apr 2005

Apologies you nipped in and read my thoughts, before I posted. Cheers.

  Stuartli 10:34 15 Apr 2005

Tiscali provides a comparison panel on its broadband pages detailing how much you can download on average with a 2GB a month allowance - it includes eight hours a day surfing...:-)

There's also one on the NTL website covering 3GB, which is its usage allowance on its £17.99 service.

Tiscali charges £1.50 for any part or full usage per GB (over 2GB) so it's the same in the end as NTL if you overstep the mark - however better to start off with a lower monthly charge and only pay extra if necessary.

  Stuartli 10:37 15 Apr 2005

..observation re usage:

"The average Tiscali Broadband customer uses less than 0.8GB usage allowance each month. Therefore, a 2GB monthly usage allowance is more than sufficient for the majority of users."

If you are worried about overstepping the mark you can quickly drop down to 512kbps and the 30GB limit.

That's the speed most people have been enjoying up to the recent upgrading by BT..:-)

  badgery 11:01 15 Apr 2005

Many thanks again, a wealth of info that I will now check. Cheers.

  Stuartli 17:45 18 Apr 2005

Just to bring this up to date.

I've been assured by Tiscali that if I go through the My Account Upgrade/Downgrade facility I can take up the price tag of £14.99 as an existing dialup user, even though I've already signed up at a charge of £15.99.

I'd already worked out that as I was paying £7.99 for DayTime Plus, BB would only cost an extra £2 a week and would be 20x faster; an additional £1 a month off off the £15.99 provides six weeks' broadband free...:-)

  Dumble452 09:32 21 Apr 2005

Well the advert raised a smile.

  Stuartli 09:40 21 Apr 2005

Now got Tiscali broadband installed, enjoying the benefits and wondering how long the 2.3Mbps will last...:-)

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