Tiscali Broadband Connection

  quack 13:54 07 Feb 2006

Having just read FEs thread 'Read this before you complain' and his comments that PCA will try to help where possible.
Perhaps he would like to try to sort out the problem I am having with Tiscali Broadband. At present I am paying £19.99 per month for their 2Mb plus 24/7 telephone service. I am receiving 512kb connection which they say they cannot upgrade to a higher speed because of my phone line. I have checked my line with both BT and Wanadoo who both say that I could receive a 1mb service but in order to do so a BT engineer may have to visit my premises. I have neighbours who have 1 mb connections with BT and Wanadoo. I have been complaining to Tiscali since May 05 but all I ever seem to get in the way of response is that they cannot upgrade me. No reason given except that BT are upgrading lines in my area. I cannot even get them to contact BT re an engineers visit. I know I could change ISPs but cannot be without a Broadband connection for the length of time necessary to do this. With exception of this complaint, Tiscali have always given me good service. What about it FE. Can you do anything?

  Stuartli 14:11 07 Feb 2006

I had a similar problem with Tiscali. I signed on for 1MB 2GB cap last April at £15.99 and was getting up to 2.3MB for the first six weeks.

Then Tiscali realised its error and throttled it back to 1MB. In early August Tiscali upgraded me to 2MB free of charge but, at the end of October, its "service enhancements" saw speeds drop alarmingly.

Tiscali's engineers insisted that my line would not support 2MB (thereby shooting themselves in the foot).

So I dropped back to 1MB unlimited still at £15.99. I then noticed that the true price was £14.99 so did the downgrade on its website.

The result was a 1MB 2GB cap service...:-(

After several abortive attempts to get the unlimited service restored, I finally got an e-mail about 10 days ago to state this had been corrected.

The e-mail also made it obvious that I wasn't the only one to suffer this unnecessary cap as it was addressed in general terms.

  alB 17:16 07 Feb 2006

You could try posting on the Tiscali broadband support forum, look out for Mr Tibbs, he seems to be the the one who helps the most...alB

click here

  quack 19:13 07 Feb 2006

Thanks for the link. I have now registered with Tiscali Support Forum and will post there and try my luck. Will let you all no if I get any satisfaction.

  Stuartli 20:21 07 Feb 2006

You need to contact Steve Best, one of the Tiscali Broadband Support forum moderators, who is the Mr Tibbs in question...:-)

He is a really helpful guy.

[email protected]

  quack 22:49 07 Feb 2006

Thanks also for this info. Maybe, at last, I will get somewhere.

  quack 07:37 17 Feb 2006

Contacted Steve Best. Very helpful but unfortunately to no avail. Still down to BT upgrading line.

  namtas 09:53 17 Feb 2006

Maybe I am missing the point here but If your phone line is not up to it there is nothing Tiscali can do. you say that a BT engineer must visit your address. presumably to check out the line, Is that a problem ? and why are you not allowing this course of action?

  spuds 10:21 17 Feb 2006

Check your own area and exchange capability click here Use links at side panel.

When I tried to upgrade my Tiscali package via Tiscali call centre, I was told "no can do". Strange really,because later the same day I did it myself through 'my account' link. All went well and still working fine now.Tiscali are charging me for the upgrade, so the "no can do" was "can do" even though they couldn't do it!.

  quack 20:48 17 Feb 2006

namtas. The point you are missing is that all Broadband matters of this nature are dealt with by BT Wholesale who refuse to speak to individual customers and will only deal with your ISP hence the need to get Tiscali to contact BT.
Spuds. Have already checked my own phone line and tried to upgrade through My Account area - no upgrade is available.

Thanks for your interest but this thread is now closed

  Stuartli 00:27 18 Feb 2006

Tiscali has put a lot of its own equipment into 300 exchanges around the country, including mine, and it hasn't made all that much difference...:-(

As I stated earlier, Tiscali keeps shooting itself in the foot...:-)

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