Tiscali broadband any good?

  dotterel 23:41 29 Sep 2003

I'm thinking of subscribing to their cheaper option which is £20 per month and runs at half the speed of their full broadband service. I will not be downloading files, just browsing. Can anybody recommend it (or not). A search on the forum only gives two people's opinions - contradictory of course! Thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:56 29 Sep 2003

Used it, (512k), for a few months now and no probs. All BB, apart from cable, goes through BT so I would surmise that any delays are down to the area and line quality of which Tiscali have no say in.


  antoni34 04:29 30 Sep 2003

I have used the same service as Gandalf for the last 6 months with no problems at all

Even better Tiscali have now got their billing system sorted out so you now pay every month !!!
(Unlike when I had the 56k dial up and run up a 6 month bill before they collected !!!)

  marsdenboy 08:20 30 Sep 2003

I've got the £20 option too, which works fine and is OK for downloading files. Initial problems with bills but sorted now.

  dotterel 22:34 02 Oct 2003

Thank you for the info. I'll go ahead with it.

  14flashgordon 23:05 02 Oct 2003

Don't say that nobody didn't warn you! :o

  MAJ 07:47 03 Oct 2003

Got that option from Tiscali myself the other day, dotterel, so far no problems. Installation was a breeze, no problems connecting. I was used to dialup downloading at usually a maximum of 4KB per second, now I can download at 32KB per second, that's eight times faster and all for only £5 more than I was paying for dialup. Go for it.

  bfc_tangerine 16:27 03 Oct 2003

we have tiscali broadband - the package arrived a week earlier than anticipated, the set up is a doddle and have never had a connection problem. -;)

  Stuartli 16:30 03 Oct 2003

For another £3 you can have standard speed broadband, coupled with the efficient after sales service of a top ISP, with Pipex....:-)

Tiscali service is similar to ordering components from major online suppliers (at least in my case) - delivery is quick and efficient but woe betide if the products are faulty and have to be returned.....:-(

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