Tiscali Broadband.

  antony.dandrea 18:44 09 Nov 2008

I have a Tiscali Broadband package that gives me 8mB broadband and phone line for a set price.

Lately, From 5pm, my computer is unable to get onto the the internet unless i restart the router. Iv tried calling them about this, but they give me all this rubbish as if its my fault, when i have read on the internet, that the same thing is happening to others.

I can still get onto the Internet, but it is a pain to keep doing the same thing from this exact time.

Is anyone experianceing the same problem? or have advice?

  MAJ 19:08 09 Nov 2008

Tiscali are well known for throttling connections, just check out their own forums. The advice I give to all Tiscali users usually fixes their connection problems. My advice, get a MAC code from Tiscali and move to another provider.

  spuds 19:18 09 Nov 2008

I was experiencing the same problems and more a while ago. Basically I put the problem down to contention ratios of evening usage, but it was a little more than that.

In the end, with the help of Tiscali and BT OpenReach I was able to stay on-line throughout the day and night with a regular speed of 4.2Mb. Changing the SpeedTouch modem to a Tiscali supplied wireless router helped, plus a change of BT master unit and direct connection to the computer. The only downside is that my neighbours on the same Tiscali package can achieve 6Mb on a regular basis, I can only get 4.2Mb, but thats down to BT's bad and old infrastructure.

  Stuartli 21:58 09 Nov 2008

>>but thats down to BT's bad and old infrastructure.>>

If you can prove that BT's line into your property up to the Master Socket is causing the problem, it is normally prepared to do any necessary work to rectify the problem at no cost to you.

BT replaced a lot of its wiring and the Master Socket for me after checks conducted over my modem from the exchange indicated problems.

The engineer came next day and replaced all the wiring from the house box to the Master Socket (replaced with the NTE5 box), all the wiring being done under the hall floor for neatness (a chimney sweep brush was used to carry the wiring to a hatch in the floor from the front door).

He also checked out street connections and then did the 17070 test, eventually declaring that the problem had been an earth fault in BT's equipment.

So no charge for more than two hours' work...:-)

  jakimo 18:45 10 Nov 2008

With Tiscali Uk having talks with BskyB after they have made a bid for the Tiscali broadband operation,and Carphone Warehouse showing interest you may want to move on.

click here

  oresome 19:45 10 Nov 2008

I lose connection frequently and restore it by rebooting the router.

Certainly if I leave the computer for more than 30 minutes, there will be no connection without rebooting when I return.

I now also lose connection when the the phone is answered. I can restore by rebooting, even while the phone is in use, but can lose it again when the telephone is put back on the hook. I've only noticed these problems since the speed was increased......not that this benefits me, being at the extremity of the exchange.

  Sneeze1 16:49 11 Nov 2008

I am with Carphone Warehouse after escaping from Tiscali and get a much better deal.

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