Tiscali Broadband.

  Mork 15:48 17 Jan 2005

Just upgraded to Broadband*20. for £15.99 you get 2GB per month usage.Over the 2GB then £1.50 per GB pay as you go, plus connection and free modem which isn't bad at all.Does anyone agree?

  pj123 16:00 17 Jan 2005

Depends on your usage. To give you some idea of what a 2gb limit is click here
and then click on the "what does this mean" link.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:23 17 Jan 2005

I think that your connection speed will be doubled at the end of March for no extra charge. Unless you are downloading industrial amounts of Muzak, 2Gb is more than enough.


  Mork 13:07 18 Jan 2005

With respect to pj123 I still think I have got value for money. I forgot to mention that the connection is free as well. I do not download music all that often so it should be okay for my requirements.

  Mork 15:53 20 Feb 2005

I thought this broadband was a good thing but I have changed my mind. I have waited for four weeks for this item and never received it. I phoned them up to enquire what has happened they said they couldn't connect in this area but when I signed up they told me everything was okay. They never got back in touch with me during all this time.

  cycoze 16:43 20 Feb 2005

Handy reckoner on that link, i would like to know what file size they average a photo though.

  Mork 17:13 20 Feb 2005

I,ve no idea I have given up hope of getting Broadband trying somewhere else.

  Mork 11:46 21 Feb 2005

It's not the case of not getting the broadband, it's because they kept me waiting for four weeks without informing me. I had to ring them up to find out what was happening. Plus the fact that the BT exchange is only two and a half miles from where I live. There are two people who only live one or two doors from me who have broadband and they are from different companies. If they can get it why can't Tiscali? I can't see the sense in it.

  spuds 17:57 21 Feb 2005

If you check recent PCA threads on Tiscali, you will see that there are many problems with upgrading problem, both for new and existing customers.

I like many other people have had very confusing service of late, but it now appears to have been sorted out.

If you want to check out your local exchange,try click here

  TrueEnigma 18:57 21 Feb 2005

I have recently signed up with Tiscali..and was dismayed at how many phone calls at national rate I had to make. Each time I called I was connected to India (I think!) One call was nearly 3/4 hour! Each time I was asked to go through every single troubleshooting step they have...they have a script I think!.. until I lost my cool and told them quite bluntly that I was not prepared to have my phone bill reach mammoth amounts. They told me that the issue was with the line and would contact BT, which they did...but again I had to chase them for updates. Finally, after losing my rag a second time I had a BT engineer visit. He resolved my issues instantly with a special filter. He also told me that I am just inside the 6m access, being 5.7m away from exchange. But he did say that he was having problems with those nearer. The moral of my story is... be assertive and get Tiscali to get BT to investigate your line!

  Mork 11:32 22 Feb 2005

Thankyou Spuds for your input. I checked and found I was in the green area and according to that I should get ADSL where I live, they have been doing this since Dec 15th.

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