Tiscali Broadband

  dave_the_red 15:26 10 Sep 2004

I just thought I would post saying that I have had nothing but good experiences with Tiscali, the reason for the post is that everywhere you look on the web there are tales of bad customer service or slow speeds etc. Nobody seems to post the good comments, so here is one.

I have been with Tiscali for 7 months and have never had anything less than the speed I am paying for and sometimes a little bit faster. I have contacted customer services once and got through within 10 minutes which is not bad considering some of the times quoted on the web. The guy on the other end of the phone seemed very helpful even though i did struggle to understand everything he said first time.

I today have contacted the billing department by e-mail because I have moved home and am changing my broadband over to the new address. I asked when the £50 moving fee would be taken out of my bank account. They responded within 5 minutes giving me the info I had asked for.

My point is, do not think that because there are upset people on the net, complaining about an ISP that they are automatically a bad company.

  spuds 21:18 10 Sep 2004

I have used Lineone/Tiscali for ages,with very good results.Sometimes the help staff can be a little daunting with the language problem and finding the perfect solution, but then again everything cannot always be 110% perfect.

dave_the_red. Check your contract, and look for item reference 'change of telephone number'. This may,or may not, save you some money!.

  Dorsai 14:21 11 Sep 2004

I also use tiscali. The product i pay for, i get.

As said, the speed of my connection is as it should be.

But on the phone, not so good. The call center is clearly manned by people who have English as a learned language. Considering that some dialects of english can dumfound other english speakers, how on earth do they manage? i dont know, but they do.

I spent one hour fruitlessly trying to solve a moden problem. The rep i spoke to was very helpful, polite, spoke english far better than i speak his language (which is not at all. where is the call center? India?) Unfortunatly he was also rather clue-less. I had a dead modem. he spent ages talking me through re-installing and de-installing the drivers, about 5 times. All to no avail, as the modem is dead.

In the end he said i needed to conct my PC's maker, and re-install 'network adaptors' in the control panel. He failed to realise that the network adaptor i needed to install was the MODEM that i had spent the last hour trying to install with him. I just went out and bought a new BB modem (cost of further phone calls VS cost of modem). Plugged it in and away it went.

But the BB connection i pay for i get, with no problem.

SO yes, generally i am happy.

  antoni34 15:33 11 Sep 2004

been with them 4 the last 18 months and I agree with Dorsai comments !
But like the Ronseal ad, it does what it says on the tin !!.
I would happpily recommend them 2 everyone !

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:50 11 Sep 2004

thankyou dave the red i am signing up on tiscali BB soon and have heard nothing but bad comments it is nice to know there is satisfied customers.thankyou again

  Grouse ® 23:47 11 Sep 2004

cough! splutter!.................? just composing myself again. After cancelling my Broadband with Tiscali back in Feb 2004 I received an email back dated to April for £70.

Phoned billing and she told me it was correct? Without going into all the details, why did they not take this payment back in February and why from " APRIL " don't ask me for my opinion of TISCALI. Oh! and I have written to tiscali customer services...........

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:42 12 Sep 2004

well 1/4 don't like tiscali!.cough!.splutter!........?.hemhem

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:08 12 Sep 2004

Wouldn't use any other and I always recommend them when people change to BB.


  Grouse ® 11:28 12 Sep 2004

I might add I was a perfectly happy customer of Tiscali for several years, and this is why I got Broadband from them, but after several issues including very slow email, I ended my contract.

I'm just a bit annoyed to say the least! that after several weeks trying to sort out my account with them back in february, and after being promised a refund for a payment that was not due? It all comes back to haunt me! Ahem!! bangs head off desk in sheer frustration........And I don't care how many people like TISCALI...and as you have the front! to state statistics, please give a reference to source................

  Grouse ® 11:43 12 Sep 2004

Last sentence was for BIG Ben strikes 10 again!


  Dorsai 13:01 12 Sep 2004

"You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the poeple some of the time, but NOT all of the people all of the time"

To quote i know not who.

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