Tiscali BB upto 256kb @ £19.99 p/m - any good?

  David-235429 14:35 11 Jan 2004

Hello all

I'm looking to make the move from dial up to BB. I am presently with AOL paying £15.99 p/month and thinking of going for the Tiscali 256kb offer at £19.99 p/month. There seems to be some concern out there about Tiscali's business practices although this seems to relate mainly to dial up, can anyone give any feedback on the 256kb BB offer? Any problems with arranging installation? connection? customer service?

Many thanks

  Stuartli 15:06 11 Jan 2004

Why not pay the extra over Tiscali's service (it's less than £3) and get genuine BB speed from Pipex, an ISP which has served business and home subscribers since 1991.

I've with both Pipex (since 1996) and WorldOnline (now Tiscali) since 1999 and the contrast between the superb Pipex service click here and Tiscali's take it or leave it approach is remarkable.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 11 Jan 2004

I've used Tiscali dial up for years and now am on 521k BB with them. I have never had a problem with service, billing or queries. Their quality of service has been excellent. However if you are only using the internet for surfing and not down or up loading then BB makes little difference. I set up Tiscali PAYG on a friend's computer yesterday and I was well-impressed with the surfing speeds.

Putting it in perspective, you will rarely need any customer service as most problems seem to be speed which seems to be an area-specific /line problem.


  plsndrs3 16:17 11 Jan 2004

I am aware that some people are singing the virutes of Zen

click here

Prices from £23.82 per month and apparently a faster service than some other Broadband providers offering similar bandwith [namely AOL]. Not used it myself, but Djohn is one personm from this forum who regularly sings their praises.



  plsndrs3 16:19 11 Jan 2004

Only a one month minimum contract at Zen!


And regard them as one of the best ISP's in the UK, quick reliable and good customer care!

  Wilham 16:47 11 Jan 2004

My son-in-law went on Tiscali at 256k, I went for the full 512k. I get recorded on screen as 2.2Mbps. his reads 2.3Mbps, but it's a different part of the country, and he can't detect any speed difference on visits when he uses my PC. Is it luck?
No complaints from either of us about Tiscali except occasional non-regular billing. I don't mind this, never overcharged, but my wife likes all bills on time.
In the next few months our Tiscali 12 month contracts expire. May stay on with them; keen to read what others say.
In recent weeks Pipex was sold to new owners, it may be wise to wait and see if changes are made to recoup the high price, perhaps at expense of its high reputation.

  rickf 16:55 11 Jan 2004

Certainly not when you can get 512 for £22 from plusnet and its a company which is very good at customer support. Services in general are excellent. Billing is also very straight forward not like the troubles you get with Tiscali.

  Stuartli 17:51 11 Jan 2004

About the same as Pipex - my son switched from Tiscali dialup to Pipex broadband and is very happy....

I get 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 50.7 or 52kbps with Pipex on dialup - reveals the differences between ISPs as well as anything.

As for Tiscali's billing record....it's a disgrace if you switch from, say Tiscali 50, to DayTime or DayTime Plus.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:01 11 Jan 2004

'I get 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 50.7 or 52kbps with Pipex on dialup'... stated kbps has little accuracy and 2kbps difference is really academical, not really noticed by mere mortals.


  spuds 18:40 11 Jan 2004

I have used Lineone-Tiscali for many moons now. Cannot fault the service or speed, both on dial-up and BB. Only problem that I had, was that the didn't believe I was registered with them,when I requested BB.Said that they could not find my details. Wouldn't give me a refund on all those years I have paid them (;o(

I would recommend the cheaper ADSL package, which is great, and doesn't seem any different to the slightly higher 256 BB service.

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