Tiscali are a Rip Off!

  ened 04:47 09 Mar 2008

Whilst at my parent’s house yesterday I noticed his speed was slow so I did a couple of speed tests and the fastest result was 0.2meg.

He is on the ‘up to’ 8meg service with Tiscali and told me that very often it is even slower – it seems to him –than dial up.

He is about 400 yards from the exchange (maybe half a mile if you follow the road) and living in an area where there are very few residents at this time of year.

From my own experiences and what other friends have told me the only way to get what you pay for out of Tiscali is to complain.

I don’t think this is good enough.

I left them in the middle of last month and they sent me an email asking me not to stop my Direct Debit because I was charged in arrears. Fair enough but now they have taken the full amount for the month and I have had to chase them for a refund, which they say will come through in the next three weeks.

It is hardly worth bothering about but for the principle.

One more thing: for twelve months they have been charging me for the top speed but have never given me anything above 2 meg and very often it has been below 1 meg. They used to say my line was not stable.

Since joining AOL I rarely have been getting less than 5 meg.

I think many people are blissfully unaware and that is why they get away with providing a third rate service. As I said earlier if you complain and push them you will eventually drag them kicking and screaming into giving you a better deal but you shouldn’t have to.

Hence the title of the thread!

  tullie 07:17 09 Mar 2008

Dont know the answer but dont forget,its an"up too"service and because you get up to 5mg with AOL at your address,doesent mean they can at theirs.Their are many thigs that can slow a connection down,no doubt someone will come along and help.

  Monoux 08:20 09 Mar 2008

I've been having the same problems with Non Cable Virgin basically very slow speeds and frequent drop outs but can't get anywhere with them -- they just ignore you. Needless to say I will be moving on as soon as I can

  ICF 08:27 09 Mar 2008

It's about time isp's checked line speed and gave the customer the most appropriate product.

  ened 11:40 09 Mar 2008


That would be fine but what I am saying is that Tiscali deliberately restricted the speed available to me and lied about it.

There can be no other explanation for the fact that in the morning of changeover I was getting about 1.2meg with Tiscali and that evening over 5meg with AOL: same situation, same line etc.

  spuds 12:37 09 Mar 2008

Ofcom have apparently warned all the ISP's about making facts clearer for the consumer, about the 'upto' on marketing procedures.

At present I am having serious disconnection problems with the Tiscali service, plus low speeds on BB. My nearest neighbour who is the same distance from the local exchange, and with Tiscali can obtain 'upto' 5.8Mb on a good day, when I am struggling to get between 1.2Mb/2.3Mb. Never had this problem when I was on the 'upto' 2Mb package. Upgraded to the 8Mb, and transferred my account from BT to Tiscali, and everything seems to have gone wrong. Not a very happy bunny.

  ened 13:31 09 Mar 2008

A year ago I made the decision to persevere with them because I had been given an inroad (via email and direct telephone no.) to the person in charge of High Level complaints.

He left the company but I believe his replacement is a chap called Richard Lawrence and you can be put through to him by calling Head Office 020 70872000.

He really tried to persuade me to stay and if you wich to stick with them he will probably go out of his way to ensure you are happy.

  ICF 17:54 09 Mar 2008

I know how you feel I have just left Pipex for the same reason.I'm now with ADSL24 and things cound't be better.

  Ancient Learner 21:17 09 Mar 2008

With Tiscali Yesterday morning it was fine at my 'normal' speed of about 1300kbps, but in the afternoon it spluttered to nothing and then stopped altogether with the router not able to tune in.

I phoned, and the lady told me it must by either my Router or the the Splitter at fault as there was nothing wrong with the line. I didn't believe a word of it.

This morning the signal was there and the Internet was working but so slow as to be ridiculous. at 74.3kbps.

Another phone call. This time the bloke couldn't blame my stuff and after much humming and arring admitted that there was some fault, gave me a fault reference number and said that an engineer would contact me in the next 48 hours.
It is still at 74.3kbps by the way.

  MAJ 13:26 10 Mar 2008

We've been warning people about Tiscali's 'service' for a few months now. Check out some of the threads and even their own forums. click here

  havencroft 13:59 10 Mar 2008

Tiscali do throttle and restrict traffic. There are far too many complaints about their restrictive practices and it's about time something was done. They are not worried how many people leave as they always have more joining and therefore have no incentive to consider their customers. They are building the ISP side of the company up so as to sell it off sometime in the near future.

Definately not a company worth signing up to they offer little or no helpful support.

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