Tiscali Accelerator

  grumpy-git 00:46 18 Jan 2005

Just noticed this on the Tiscali web site, an accelerator to boost a dial up connection. Anybody tried it? Is it any good?

click here

I don't need broadband, but if dial up was faster it would be useful

  Stuartli 15:37 18 Jan 2005

>>Tiscali Accelerator boosts your dial up connection as it enables you to surf the Internet at Broadband speed by cleverly compressing web pages as you browse.>>

Sounds a bit like ONSpeed - if it was that wonderful Tiscali's broadband service would go down the pan.

Key on ONSpeed into the PCA search engine...:-)

Or try the tip I've often posted from:

click here

  Stuartli 15:46 18 Jan 2005

Neat little remote control, EPG and Preview facilities as well...:-)

  Stuartli 15:55 18 Jan 2005

....wrong thread...:-(

  grumpy-git 19:24 18 Jan 2005

It appears to load pages a bit faster after that registry tweak.

I did a search for "onspeed" last night and see some results are positive.

Still not sure whether to try the Tiscali Accelerator as well. Suppose if I create a restore point before installing it I can always go back if things go "belly up" on me, yes???


  Stuartli 09:24 19 Jan 2005

If you switch to Firefox (I presume you have IE) pages will download even quicker and security will be improved at the same time.

Same goes for the Mozilla e-mail client, Thunderbird.

  grumpy-git 18:44 19 Jan 2005

Will have to read up about them and when I have more time perhaps do some experimenting.

Had another look at Accelerator, seems one way it improves speed is by compressing graphics, which obviously can be of benefit with some of the "big" images found on some sites.


  Stuartli 10:24 20 Jan 2005

That's how ONSpeed works....

I use Firefox 1.0 and it downloads all manner of webpages in double quick time (far faster than IE) even on dialup.

The tab feature also makes it easier to download one page whilst viewing another and switch between them or others as required.

  Tick Tock 14:13 22 Jan 2005

Is it free software for tiscali users?

  grumpy-git 15:10 22 Jan 2005

Tick Tock,

Yes, there is a link on the Tiscali site, you can get there from here:- click here

If you try it, let me know how it goes please.

I did try that tip from Stuartli, which seems to speed things up a bit.


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