monkee22 18:16 10 Jan 2003
  monkee22 18:16 10 Jan 2003

Hi everyone.
I'm just setting out on the road to buying a computer and have 2 questions. I'm new to all this so please bear with me!!
Firstly I'm buying my PC from Dell mainly because I have heard that their customer service is so good, I've experienced this for myself. However I'm curious to know why they dont use AMD processors, like practically every other company that I've seen the ads for. I notice that other companies seem to be cheaper but is this because they use AMD? If so why is AMD cheaper and is it inferior to Intel?
I'd be really grateful for anyones opinions on Dell as well
Secondly, what is wrong Tiscali? I had thought about going straight to broadband but that was the only provider I could afford at £20 per month is it a bad service? Would I be better just sticking witht he internet until I can afford the £30 that most other companies seem to charge or can anyone reccomend another broad band service in the £25 range??
Thanks ever so much in advance for any enlightenment

  Stuartli 18:26 10 Jan 2003

Dell has long had an agreement with Intel so that it always has the very latest processors in its systems from the time they are launched.

AMD CPUs are excellent and in all but a few areas more than match - and beat at times - Intel.

If you want a first class broadband service go to Pipex (click here); it's around £22-23 a month.

Tiscali is not the best at after sales service on occasions, whereas Pipex has been serving the business and home user with top class service and after sales service since 1991.

It has had massive bandwidth capacity for many years and when I joined in 1996 it had just completed a massive increase in capacity for Transatlantic connections.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:29 10 Jan 2003

The AMD vs Intel argument is the computer worlds equivalent of trainspotting ( the 'hobby' not the film). To summarise, there is rarely any NOTICEABLE difference and the fact that both AMD and Intel are still going, seems to give weight to their quality and endurance.

Dell probably have an exclusive deal with Intel which is why they rely on their chips.

My partner works for a stockbroking firm and they have recently had $250k worth of Dells glued into place. Virtually every company that I visit uses Dell. Those alone should be good enough reasons for anybody.

I use Tiscali 56k and find it excellent. First time connection, no cut off, fast speeds etc., etc. However some have had problems. I see no reason why their BB should be naff. I use BB occasionally (NTL) and there seems to be little difference surfing although downloads and uploads are natch, quicker.


  spuds 00:32 11 Jan 2003

I use Tiscali, and as Gandalf as stated "excellent".Word to the wise though-check the contract terms, before signing up with any ISP.

  rickf 17:31 11 Jan 2003

Tiscali sub £20 offer is for 256mb not the usual 512 mb. Look carefully before you sign up.

  siarad 18:16 11 Jan 2003

Just look at this site, you never see peeps complaining about lack of cooling or noisy fans or where to buy the best coolers for Intel. You never read about Intel CPU burning out 'cos they're totally protected, not so AMD. And all those, should I buy a bigger PSU, yes AMD again. Stick with Intel, cool, quiet & environmentally friendly.

  Stuartli 18:24 11 Jan 2003

I use Tiscali 50 and Pipex dial up services; Pipex support is far, far superior and always has been.

My son has the Pipex broadband (after being with WorldOnline/Tiscali and Freeserve; he wouldn't swap Pipex for anything else and he's an IT support specialist, looking after around 3,000 computers for one of the UK's biggest private employers.

  WiLL-A 19:26 11 Jan 2003

Buy from Dell as they seem great.

For Broadband access try Nildram at £22.99 per month inc VAT.

They have been the fastest ISP 4 months in a row now, matched equally by their customer service and are doing activation at half price.

Then get yourself an internal PCI ADSL modem for about £40.

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