Tiscali 3 x broadband any good?

  de_de 10:58 21 Feb 2004

I'm considering signing up to this service as the £15.99 overall package seems a very good deal. Has anybody got any experiences of this service that i could know about - good or bad?

Thanks in advance

  spuds 11:40 21 Feb 2004

I use both Tiscali 3x and 10x. Both very good in my books. No problems with either, and the price of 3x is far better value than 56k at about the same price.Allow about two weeks for connection. Tiscali will keep you updated throughout, with regular updates. ADSL modem and connection now free, before the connection was an extra £25.00. Go for it.

  Doodles 19:44 22 Feb 2004

i have just signed up for the x3, received a letter confirming my details. for 15.99 it seems ideal for what i require. I'let you know how it goes.

  [email protected] 21:38 22 Feb 2004

have had this now for over 3 months,no problems,a lot lot better than dialup,go for it

  Hornblower 16:52 24 Feb 2004

For some reason, Tiscali would not allow me to take up the 3x but could offer me 5x or 10x. Anyone know why this is? I was going to go for it up until then. Does anyone out there know of any others that are comparable?


  spuds 17:30 24 Feb 2004

If you want the 3x service, then I would contact Tiscali again. Their sales staff are not always 100% in the information that they supply.When I registered for the 3x service, I was given conflicting advice.In the end after consulting three different advisors, I was given the information that I requested. Perhaps that is why they called it the 3X service. (;O)

  dan boy 21:06 24 Feb 2004

im on 3x as well, been on it for a couple of weeks now, no probs as yet.......lets just see when the bill comes!!!!!

  djtom12 18:18 26 Feb 2004

I recently joined Tiscali on their 3x service and I must say that currently I am not pleased with it at all. The first week was fine, the speed was certainly noticeable - much faster than 56k. But this last couple of weeks have been very slow - almost slower than dialup!

  [email protected] 19:00 26 Feb 2004

Although I posted on sun 22/02/04 recommending it
Monday 23/02/04 when problems started, Slow Slow speeds down to 20kbps may I bring to your attention a post that I done earlier today “problems with tiscali b/b”

  spuds 19:39 26 Feb 2004

Tiscali have over the last 4-5 days have given out a Status notice. This informs users that essential maintenance work is being done, and problems are expected. They have also stated that there are problems with email and Pop 3 services, especially in the Bristol area.Apparently engineers are still completing their maintenance procedures. See how it goe's over the next few days!.

  [email protected] 20:56 26 Feb 2004


yes seen the status notice,but i don't live in Bristol,
will see how it goes over next couple of days
but dealing with speeds of 29.52kbps is hard,never had that when i was on dialup

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