Tiscali >:/

  maxxeh 01:00 30 Jun 2007

What is wrong with this company?

I want to leave them and go to a better ISP but I don't know how...

I joined them about 2 months ago but I haven’t been bothered to sort it out till now!

They pretty much conned me into joining them! I was with Tesco before on a 1meg connection and happy... but I found through a line check that I can get up to 7meg!
So I went hunting for a faster connection! Tiscali seemed to be the cheapest so I contacted them... although they were all Indian and me couldn’t make out half of what they said, but they seemed happy to help, and assured me I could connect with a 5-7 Meg speed, and that line checks confirmed that. So I went with them!

I was told that during the first 10 days I would get a varied speed, as the line 'found its limit'. Basically it hovered around 2 meg until peak times when it dropped to less than 56k speed...
I thought it was weird that it never went above 2 meg so I contacted them on the 5-6th day asking why this was, and I was told the same 'wait until after the 10 day period'

...so I waited around 20 days to be sure, and got the same results! 2meg at best...56k average...

So I contacted them again, where they told me that I couldn’t get any higher than 2 Meg. I told them I was told about 5 times I could get 5 meg at the least, maybe 7 meg..I was told no, I should downgrade to 2 Meg as that’s the fastest I’m going to get.
So I told them I’d like to leave Tiscali as I have been outright lied to, they then ignored me and instead told me I could now only get as high as 1 meg on my line...

Now I’m getting horrendous speeds, everything is around 20 kb/s and I keep getting server not found errors, so I have to try again 3-4 times for every web page I visit to see them...

What can I do?

  harps1h 07:37 30 Jun 2007

I know how you feel. click here

however you are tied into a 12 month contract. there is a way of approaching it and I would look at breach of contract issues. you have signed up for an "upto agreement" so look at the T & C of Tiscali. you may find that they will let you cut and run. I was fortunate as my 12 months were up some time ago. Still amazed by the admission by Calcutta though! i wave goodbye to them on thursday, and being an optimist say hello to decent speeds.

  fillythebish 14:16 30 Jun 2007

just phone up and cancel should work, but may incure a fee if u had a contract

  Totally-braindead 14:42 30 Jun 2007

I think harp1h is right, I just left them last month and went to another company but I have been with them for a few years now and you are tied into a 12 month contract.
You'll have to keep chasing their abysmal customer service I'm afraid.
I left them because, and this is the short version, I couldn't connect, they told me to reinstall windows which I refused to do as I knew my PC was fine and then out of the blue they phoned and said they had fixed my computer from their end, I asked what they meant and they said the fault was not on their end but had been on my computer and they fixed it, I lost it and asked them how they did that, I suggested they used black magic as it was the only way they could have fixed it as the PC hadn't even been switched on never mind connected to the internet, they still insisted that the fault was on my PC so I left.
Oh and I got my phone bill on Friday the total for the calls made to Tiscali come to about £8.

Sorry I can't offer any constructive advice maxxeh.

  maxxeh 14:50 30 Jun 2007

damn... looks like im sticking with them :( i might as well have stayed with tesco! i was getting better speeds and they were honest! why didnt I look at reviews before i signed up.. :( they sound like complete idiots..i dont know how they are succesful..

  Totally-braindead 15:01 30 Jun 2007

If your speed is so low that you timeout on pages then that can be fixed and you will have to chase them up, regarding the 5-7 meg speed its possible perhaps even probable that you won't get that and theres nothing you can do about that if they insist that you cannot get those speeds, they will probably say they told you you could get up to these speeds. I'm not saying they didn't say what you said but just saying they will probably say that they said this.
Perhaps the program you got to check the line was wrong in the first instance?
I'm on up to 8 meg BB but the best I get most of the time is 2 meg, sometimes it drops to 1.5 meg and occassionally I have hit 3 and a bit. It depends on the time of day.

  Totally-braindead 15:02 30 Jun 2007

The line test I tried last month said my line could support up to 4 meg maximum, so I wasn't dissappointed with what I get.

  maxxeh 16:06 30 Jun 2007

No, around the time it actully said 7 meg was possible every time i checked..and now its back down to 2..I feel completely ripped off..and they said the speeds were definitely possible if i waited after the 10 day activation period. I think this was just away to get themselves out of the 7 day cancelation..

  ened 17:37 03 Jul 2007

"....I keep getting server not found errors, so I have to try again 3-4 times for every web page I visit to see them..."

There have been some issues with Denial of Service and I started this thread a week or so ago: click here

If you stick your own comment in they will probably investigate your line for you.

They have emailed me and are currently investigating the problem.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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