Red Knight 12:31 02 Feb 2006

Hi there, I'm trying to select a bb service and have just found that tiscali do a 2mb unlimited service for £17.99 per month. Can anyone comment on the service they've received from them or who are still with them. Think I'll choose between bt,tiscali and pipex.
Please help! I've been trying to decide for over a month now! lol.

  Totally-braindead 12:38 02 Feb 2006

I'm with Tiscali, the 1mb unlimited at £14.99 and I've had no problems with the connection at all, it slows up a bit sometimes but I think they all do that from time to time.
The only problem I did have was when I first started they would forget to bill me one month and then bill me for two months the next time. Took me a while to get it sorted but now its fine. I found their customer service/billing to be rubbish, they didn't answer the question I asked and that was very frustrating but their technical helpline I found to be good so its swings and roundabouts as far as I'm concerned. Overall I'd recommend them and am happy with the service.

  Red Knight 12:44 02 Feb 2006

Cheers! I'm totally paranoid at the mo and don't know whether or not to go with one of the "big reliable" companies like bt cause I tried to set up an account with Wanadoo and they screwed me over and threatened to take me to court when i tried to cancel the order within the allowed cancellation period! so, a tad wary now! lol.

  David4637 12:57 02 Feb 2006

Once you are on Tiscali there service (Dial up in my case) is generally good. But there customer service/billing if you need it is pooooooor. As I say once you are on and its working OK its a good and consistent. I have been with them about 4 years. David

  Forum Editor 12:59 02 Feb 2006

you're answering your own question aren't you?

I've been with BT since the day they first launched their broadband service. Most days since then I've been connected all day, either in my office, or at home, and apart from one small billing glitch right at the start they haven't put a foot wrong.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:51 02 Feb 2006

Been with Tiscali for over 3 years. Excellent service, no drop-outs and superb customer service.


  spuds 14:09 02 Feb 2006

Was with Lineone, then moved to Tiscali on merger. In all that time, only had minor problems, which were soon resolved. Would recommend. Before you sign-up, just check the prices, I pay £17.99 for 2mb service, but I think this service is now available for £14.99, according to their homepage click here

  Stuartli 17:35 02 Feb 2006

>>but I think this service is now available for £14.99, according to their homepage >>

Er, no...

It's 1MB unlimited for £14.99.

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