Tiscali 10.0 MB mail storage

  Wilham 15:11 24 Sep 2005

In the last few months I've had an occasional grumble that my Tiscali email address has been inaccessible when there is an attachment.

I've just realised how important is the limitation imposed by amount left of my 10.0 MB mail storage space. I see the figure every time I go to Tiscali mail. I did notice a warning with suggestion I pay additional £9.99 pa to increase my storage to 100MB. But I didn't know I was limiting emails, both in and out, to the amount of storage I had left,-especially with emailed photos.

I have been with Tiscali from the time when screaming.net prompted the change. Up to now I have always believed I had 10MB available for attachments, not 10MB less my current used space.

Anyone know a utility that will auto-move used mail space to a folder in order to preserve most of the 10 MB allowance, say for example used memory not accessed after a month?

  Jackcoms 15:37 24 Sep 2005

Your post prompted me to take a look at my Tiscali e-mail storage.

I've also been with them since the screaming.net days.

I do not pay any extra fees but I notice that my mail storage capacity is 25Mb.

Isn't yours?

I also wonder why you need to keep your mail on their servers??

  Wilham 17:35 24 Sep 2005

Jackcoms, your words are interesting...

Tiscali functions ok with me until I try to communicate with them. I was paying £26.99 pcm, found others paid less. After mail and telephone exchanges with Tiscali (and delay) I now pay £24.99 pcm for 2.2Mb/s (small b), with 10.0MB (capital B) mail mem.

I don't use 2GB pcm so I ought to opt for a lower rate... Tiscali do well from my inertia but it isn't so easy to alter. My son-in-law wants to change from Tiscali to another ISP but says he cannot afford the gap in service. "Don't you just need a MAC number" I suggested. Perhaps mistaken, he believes he can't switch from Tiscali without suffering a non-connection gap.

A utility that auto-moves email after a pre-set delay to a folder and thus keeps fit my Tiscali email working space..., that will be very useful just now. The delay to the out box could be shorter than the in box, maybe that would be too much to hope for.

Thanks Jackcoms.

  Wilham 18:04 24 Sep 2005

Sorry, I haven't answered Jackcoms' last Q...
(i) Pure laziness
(ii) Losing convenience of all recent email in one place.

  DieSse 18:20 24 Sep 2005

Are you using your mail space as webmail?

If so, using an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Firebird - will automatically empty your servers inbox when you download it to your computer.

I don't understand the phrase "A utility that auto-moves email after a pre-set delay to a folder and thus keeps fit my Tiscali email working space"
A folder where? - if it's on Tiscali it will still count towards your 10Mb - if you use an email client, that's essentially what the email client does - transfers it to your system, thus releasng your server space.

  Wilham 19:54 24 Sep 2005

DieSse: I've not heard of an email client, I'm a bit behind times. I've gone along for ages without change, and only trouble before this was two years ago when (over-updated by me) norton 2003 caused blockage.

I'm excited at the moment, you may have solved the mystery. About 8 weeks ago my desktop choked up with fragments of nero 6, and my back-up laptop overheated, so I bought a Medion 8385,- essential for our online banking. Could it be I had email client up to then? Only since the Medion have I met this email space problem.

OE/Tiscali always offer to move mail into folders, ...never implemented because my hard drives too soon clutter up.

I'm grateful DieSse, food for thought.

  Wilham 20:24 24 Sep 2005

DieSse, you've solved my problem! In my changeover to the Medion I lost Outlook Express. On the new Medion I could not clear all traces of AOL (still not entirely gone), distraction obscured my loss of OE. I kick myself.

Quadruple thanks, W

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