Tisacali Upgrades - again

  It's Me 19:55 07 Apr 2005

There has just been a discussion on this subject, now closed. I was going to say that I had also been upgraded for free from x3 to x5, and then ask friend spuds what his post meant :- "Mine was upgraded by Tiscali from 3x to 5x. I upgraded further to the 'upto 1mb' package for same price £15.99 per month.", but I was too late!

I am fascinated by the "'upto 1mb'" part. Where did that come from and how was it obtained please?

At £15.99 it's good value.

  Zaphod 3 20:28 07 Apr 2005

1Mbps for £15.99 has a 2GB limit.

  Zaphod 3 20:29 07 Apr 2005

Whoops forgot to say installed that for my Dad last week.

It certainly rocks. The only problem is he has a better connection in Cornwall than we can get in Surrey!!!!!

  Totally-braindead 21:51 07 Apr 2005

It was me that had the thread and unfortunatly I still can't upgrade, just tried it again and its still unavailable. The email I received from Tiscali tonight apologises but says they're working on it but can't tell me when it will be resolved or even what the problem is so I'll just have to wait.

  It's Me 12:11 08 Apr 2005

Thank you all for that.

Before I have an attempt at getting it though, could someone give an opinion on the question of the 2GB limit, which I assume to refer to downloads. It sounds an awful lot to me, but I'd some assurance.

  Stuartli 13:08 08 Apr 2005

You are confusing the 1Mbps and 30GB capped limit with the 2Mbps and 2GB capped limit which are both the same price.

Tiscali did offer an unlimited 1Mbps service for a few days last month at £15.99 and then it suddenly disappeared just as I was about to order it...:-(

  Stuartli 13:15 08 Apr 2005

Just had a check - it seems to have been altered yet again. Now 512mbps and 30GB capped limit and 1Mbps with 2GB capped limit for the same price...

The Tiscali beanbags must be working out just how much profit they are able to make from VT's recent price cuts plus speed upgrading changes.

  It's Me 16:19 08 Apr 2005

Now I am getting more confused.

512mbps and 1Mbps. I surmise that the large 'M' is significant!

30GB sounds a tremendous amount. Is 2GB enough for the 'normal' user then?

  Stuartli 17:36 08 Apr 2005

Tiscali does a rough calculation of what 2GB will cover over a month if you follow the links - IIRC it's eight hours a day surfing, so many video or audio downloads a week etc.

I'm trying out the 2GB limit (1Mbps) service first; if you want to upgrade or downgrade it only takes a day or so.

By the way, as you may have realised, the 512 speed is half that of the 1Mbps, which probably accounts for the emphasis on the capital use.

  Stuartli 17:38 08 Apr 2005

It should read 512kbps above.

  cycoze 19:13 08 Apr 2005

I phoned them in Feb and was told i would get an automatic upgrade from 512kb to 1mb ( 30gig cap ) , nothing happend so i phoned again and was told it will happen automatically in April but the price will be £19.99.

So i am really confused now as now on their site there is no mention of a 1mb with a 30gig cap !

I have phoned them today and sent a couple of Emails , i am now convinced i will eventually get a reply stating that they dont offer the service i want , which has been advertised in the last couple of months .

To top it all off , i was told today that they could not supply a 1mb connection due to the "lines" i asked what they meant but no real answer was forth coming , so i pointed out that last month i had setup one of their modems for a neighbour who is about 30 metres further along from the exchange than myself , you guessed it , he is now getting up to a 1mb service (2gig cap)for £15,99pm.

Finally i asked why i was still being charged £24.99pm for a 512kb 30gig cap , and why had i not been informed or the charge reduced , i was told to go online and upgrade, i wonder if i had`nt been told or read this forum and others if i would still be paying over the top in 6 months time.

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