Tired of waiting - for a Pipex Max offer!

  cyberphobic 21:44 14 Apr 2006

My local exchange has recently been upgraded, and according to the BT website I should now be able to receive a 3MB Broadband service ( I live in a village quite a way from the exchange )As a longstanding satisfied Pipex customer I have been eagerly visiting their website every day for the last 10 days to find out when I will be able to upgrade, but I just keep seeing the same message that "Pipex are currently preparing their product offerings for existing customers who wish to upgrade to Pipex MAX". Having had a quick trawl today, I find that I could immediately upgrade to the service I want from Zen, Nildram or Wanadoo, all well respected ISPs. If Pipex wait much longer they may find that their existing customers wishing to upgrade to a MAX service have already migrated elsewhere!

  Stuartli 22:22 14 Apr 2006

One of the offspring who, like me has been with Pipex for some considerable time, got fed up waiting for the (excellent) ISP to upgrade his £23 a month 512kbps service as promised.

So he reluctantly decided to ring and ask for a MAC code. He was immediately asked why he wanted to leave and explained the situation.

Instantly he was offered a 2MB service with a 30GB cap and, what's more, with a £5 a month discount.

He had no hesitation in forgetting about the MAC code.

  wint 15:44 15 Apr 2006

I did just the same Stuartli.

Initially though, they did try to offer an uncapped 2Mb service for (£23.99) 50p more!

They then phoned back with the 2Mb & 30GB cap and £5.43 discount) which I accepted.

I saw the Talk Talk offer a few days later. I am now committed to another 12 month contract with Pipex. They are very good, reliable etc. I wonder if they'll eventually respond with a similar offer to Talk Talk?

  anchor 17:35 15 Apr 2006

The same thing happened to me with Pipex about 3 weeks ago. It pays to complain.

  steven_frost 13:03 18 Apr 2006

I think you have 14 days to change your mind

  garrema 13:11 19 Apr 2006

I rang to request the MAC code the day before talk talk sent their broadside into the market. I was offered 17.99 for the same speed but 30GB cap (what do people do with this). Consider you are tied into this for 12 Mo if you accept.

What I was going to do was migrate to a max service but waited a day and rang Pipex back and said I want the max speed at a competitive rate and to sweaten it I would bring them my phone account. They couldn't handle negotiation and so I have decided to pay for one more month at the 2mbps loony £23.44 rate and see how the market develops.

IMO soon and where available the speed of ADSL will just be at "max" and all this differentiation of 1Mbps, 2Mbps etc. will be irrelevant so that why I was not so keen to tie into the revised Pipex price for another 12 Mo

The thing that dissapoints me is that they (& all ISPs) bend over backwards to give free months and other incentives to new customers but existing ones have to know the game.

  shaude 13:57 22 Apr 2006

Thanks to everyone for the info. I have paid £23.44 incl.VAT for over 3 years for Pipex Lite 2000. I phoned them today and without a quibble they immediately reduced me to £17.99 incl.VAT and upped my download to 30 gigs. I have informed my 3 friends on Pipex and they will do the same.

It really is appalling that the Pipex staff have obviously been instructed to give this reduction to those who complain. So those who do not complain continue to be overcharged.

Pipex is a very reliable ISP and I'm glad I can now stay with them (I was ready to change ISP). But what a way to treat very loyal customers!

  Mygodmissjones 17:43 02 May 2006


Am with Pipex now and very satisfied with 2mb download speed BUT I am capable of between 5 to 8 Mb download speed and would like to upgrade to Pipex Max.

As stated they are not allowing this for current customers.

Well! Take a look at the Nildram ISP web site (just type 'Nildram' into Google) and take in the information therein.

A superb deal for £13.99 per month (up to 8 Mb)
with all the bells and whistles.

Surprise, surprise, who owns Nildram ? You have guessed it.....PIPEX!!!!!!

Come on Pipex what is going on?

All the best


  Levafut 15:18 10 May 2006

Hi folks,

Just received this from Pipex when I enquired about when ADSL Max will be available:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm we have a provisional date for the 15-05-06 but this is subject to change.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Nicholas Crawley
Customer Services

Phone: 08450772455
Fax: 08702434440
click here

  Confab 16:25 10 May 2006

Max isn’t all that it was hyped up to be. I was maxed a few weeks ago and find the speed of the service can drop, especially at busy times. I live 400m from my exchange and sync at 76XX but in reality I only receive about 5mb max

There is no noticeable difference in surfing but downloading is faster as long as peak times are avoided. If you want a good inexpensive isp then try Madasafish from click here

It’s £17.99pm with a 5gb cap. If you use the promotional code 3291649 you’ll also get a £10 discount.


  Stuartli 16:27 10 May 2006

But you've omitted to state that the £13.99 up to 8MB service "with all the bells and whistles" is for just 250Mb usage a month...:-)

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