Tiny.com - locked laptop to their copy of windows

  Mr Alien 10:47 23 Jul 2004


On monday I ordered a laptop from Tiny.com, and have just received a phonecall from them 4 days later (trying to sell me an extended warrenty), in which they informed me that the laptop will be "locked" to the version of Windows that they have installed.

What does this mean? I told him that I planned to format the harddisk and put my own liscensed copy of Windows XP Upgrade on (you obviously have to present the win98 disk to do this). He said he "thinks" I should be able to do this, but that it might be locked, which is a new precaution Microsoft are using to prevent OS piracy. (to be fair - this is their problem - not mine, and when I genuinly pay £1k for a new laptop, do not expect this).

What does this mean?

  mezzanine 11:04 23 Jul 2004

the notebook is not "locked" to any operating system. you can put whatever os you choose on it. the only thing to keep in mind is that if the notebook utilises the "hidden partition" recovery method, formatting the hard drive and installing another os may remove the hidden partition in which case you may no longer be able to use tiny.com's reload disks. also, i doubt they will support you with any software issues if you are no longer using the version of xp they supplied you with.

  Mr Alien 11:12 23 Jul 2004

well they did ask me if I want to buy the reload discs, and I said no because I already own what software I wish to use, but they did explicitly say that the laptop is locked to their serial number of the preloaded XP.??

  mezzanine 11:25 23 Jul 2004

they are probably refering to the fact that the xp license key located on underside of notebook is only for use with that notebook. i do know that they are not locked to any particular operating system, so long as you have a license key for it.

  spuds 23:17 23 Jul 2004

I think that Tiny are refering their own licensing arrangement with Microsoft. They will install from their master disk, which will be 'locked' to their special code. If you use your own Microsoft disk, then it would be your supplied activation code that would then be required.To use their code, so as to 'unlock' the system, should you have need to, then it would mean that extra purchase for the reload disks.

This as been a problem, that as been raised before. Extra money for Tiny.

  Forum Editor 00:28 24 Jul 2004

to assert or imply that the laptop wouldn't work with another copy of Windows. Go ahead and format the drive - install your own copy of Windows without fear. A freshly formatted hard drive that knows one copy of Windows from another hasn't been invented yet.

  Maverick81 23:34 24 Jul 2004

I think what Tiny.com was trying to say was

Tiny.com can only support your laptop whilst you are using the copy of windows supplied with your laptop...i.e the preload and the hidden image.

Using a copy of Windows 98 and a XP upgrade CD is fine aslong as that copy of windows 98 isnt being used on any of your other systems...same goes for your XP upgrade CD....read the eula for both OS's and I think you find reference to that....

I cant see why you would want to wipe the preload off anyhow...it will have all the proper drivers on for your hardware including the latest power now drivers (assuming its a AMD based laptop) which you wont be able to download...

Best of luck with your laptop :-)

  smokemeakipper 16:02 25 Jul 2004

As the copy of windows xp will be the home version why would you need to load your own version of xp upgrade unless it was xp pro.

The copy of windows xp will be as maverick81 says in that it will be loaded and for use in the laptop you purchase, this is the same for any OEM supplier.You can use your own copy if wish but will still only be able to use this on your laptop only once loaded.

  T0SH 18:32 25 Jul 2004

Tiny as with most OEM systems preloaded with Windows XP (Home),you will find that if you totaly wipe your hard drive and do a fresh clean install with the same version of Windows XP(Home)upgrade or full, you will be able to activate it with the code from the licence sticker stuck to the bottom of your laptop this you will be prompted to enter during the install process ,provided that is you have not activated it prior to this process

but whatever I am still at a loss to understand what you hope to gain by doing this process

Regards HC

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