d39 13:07 23 Dec 2004

has any one experience of buying from tiny.com? I have called them about a laptop model C825 which pc advisor rates second in its laptop survey, however the salesman did not convince me, he just seemed to want to get my credit card no. and his answers to questions were pretty glib! Perhaps worse the price seemed to rocket when you ask for a windows back up disk, a longer warranty and a carrier. Any views out there please.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:47 23 Dec 2004

click here

for many views

  Total Care Support 15:39 23 Dec 2004

Hi d39,

Please contact me, I am sorry if you have had a bad experence with one of our sales staff, it is only by getting feed back that we can look into this and improve the service.

If you could email me with any questions that you have. I am on holiday at the moment but I will be back into the office on Monday so will be able to look into it for you then.

If you can include your PC Advisor Id with your email, as well as some contact details that would be helpfull.

hope every one has a happy Christmas

Best regards to all

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  [DELETED] 17:04 23 Dec 2004

my uncle bought a pc from tiny, when he took it back to the store with some problems while it was still under warranty, they didnt want to know him. he stood outside the store and made a scene.

  fitcher 18:26 23 Dec 2004

I did not manage to get through to the email (for info).I was wanting to order a high end note book and the question I wanted to know was ..is there a pop up for supernet embeded in the software ? the person on the phone at tiny thought it may be a registery entry ,, as I can not stand intrusive pops on a computer //I was upset that I could not buy ,, and I had to order elsewhere ..if I have got it wrong , I apologise

  Starfox 18:40 23 Dec 2004

but the modem is tied to Supanet and not easy to change despite Tiny's claims otherwise.

  Total Care Support 11:34 29 Dec 2004

Hi Fitcher and Starfox,

None of the range of Notebooks from Tiny.COM are fitted with an optimised modem.

The Modem's within our base unit systems are optimised for use with Supanet, however if requested de-optimisation is quite easy, though either once of the national rate support lines offered by Granville or Supanet, or via the Supanet or tiny website. Starfox if you are having difficulty de-optimising please let me know and I will arrange for an engineer to contact you.

myphrill please have your uncle contact me at the email address below, and I will look into his issue, please ensure that he includes his invoice postcode, account number, and if possible his order number these will all be found in the top right hand portion of the delivery sheet and the invoice reciept.

Best regards and a happy New Year to all

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology Group
[email protected]

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