woodt 15:02 28 Mar 2004

Does anybody have any experience of buying a PC from Tiny.com? There specs seem pretty good and their prices are competitive but what is their after sales service like?

  Rayuk 15:52 28 Mar 2004

They have not long been going in this format,they are a subsiduary of Time computers,so only time will tell.

  rickf 16:03 28 Mar 2004

do a search on this forum. its been asked before which prompted a lot of passiuonate discussion.it'll be informative for you.

  byfordr 16:32 28 Mar 2004

As well as Tiny, search for Time as well as they will be the ones supporting it!


  tsihar 16:42 28 Mar 2004

Had you asked that question 5 years ago when Tiny were their own bosses then I would have said excellent.

  Gaz 25 03:15 29 Mar 2004

Tiny is aimed really at people on a budget, however like me some have had bad experiances from time computers, but its up to you really.

If you can afford it, spend more and get a more respected name in computres such as MESH, Evesham, etc...

  Sir Radfordin 08:52 29 Mar 2004

In theory there is little reason why there should be anything wrong with the PCs that they supply. All they do is put together a collection of items from other suppliers and sell it onto you.

The test for any PC company is when something does fail and need to be sorted out. It has to be expected that faults will be made and problems with components may arise. Personally I think we need to accpet these. What doesn't need to be accepted is the poor service provided by some companies in sorting these things out.

Mesh is one company that seems to be working very hard to fix any problems that do occur in the best way they can. This is all you can expect and does make a huge difference.

As for Tiny.com only time (no pun intended) will tell as to what they are really going to be like. There is potential for them to create something good, and the fact that Time decided to reuse the Tiny brand suggests that they believe they can build on that image - an image that generally isn't that great.

You could do a lot worse than buy from Tiny.com and at the end of the day if nothing goes wrong you could have gone elsewhere, paid more, and not seen anything extra for your money.

  dmandoodle 12:58 29 Mar 2004

Tiny.com, i agree spec is good for the money but that is where the praise ends.

i ordered two sytems off them on the 4th, they still have not sorted them out yet, and they have charged me for sytems that don't exist, if this is what the sevice is like i would not reccomened that anyone use this company, i certainly won't and will be sending the systems back. oh and there customer care is probably the worst i've ever experienced

  FEEBS 14:10 30 Mar 2004

If they are anything like Time then after sales service will be non existant.

  Chronos 16:42 30 Mar 2004

wait and see when firms have time or tiny installed, when the business depends on it, then we can all say, they are not that bad, but till then, forget it...........

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