Tiny, rejecting goods letter help please

  hmmmm(the original) 20:16 20 Jul 2005

Against my advice, my sister orderer a pc from tiny. In a nut shell the base unit in nowhere near the specification she ordered. For two days she has tried to resolve this matter, customer services tell her to ting technical, technical tell her it's customer services problem. She is getting nowhere.

I've suggested that she rejects the computer completely, rather than go down the route of sending this one back, waiting for the replacement ect ect ect, and purchase another computer from a company which values customer service. Fortunately she was wise enough to pay on her credit card, which may help her a little.

I've been searching through the archives hoping to find a rejection letter that someone may have recommended previously, which would be suitable for this purpose. Unfortunatley I have not had any luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

  pj123 20:57 20 Jul 2005

I think in the first instance you should email Daniel Warren who is the Tiny/Time rep on this Forum. Give him full details of what the problem is and I am sure he will be able to sort it out for you. His email address is: [email protected]

  spuds 23:10 20 Jul 2005

Try Daniel Warren first, and in the meantime you can reads your rights click here or how to complain click here

If you need to write a letter, then keep it short and to the point.State the reason why you have a complaint, and what you would like Tiny to about it. In your case, state the specifications of the computer that you have received and how it is different to the computer that you had ordered and paid for.Copies of adverts and invoices maybe advisable.

  hmmmm(the original) 20:54 21 Jul 2005

Well Against my advice, my sister has managed to speak to someone today in customer services who has promised to get the base unit swapped. Although they can't say when, or when the old one will be collected. So For the moment I will till the resolved box.

  Total Care Support 09:01 22 Jul 2005

hi hmmmm(the original)

Please do as PJ and Spuds recommend drop me an email with your sisters details (or ideally have your sister drop me an email) if you can provide order number, account number and/or invoice postcode and your sisters name it will allow me to look into the account for her.

best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  hmmmm(the original) 13:19 29 Oct 2005

Well days after this post started tiny went bust. I'm pleased to say that yesterday my sister got a full refund from her credit card company.

Although they haven't decided if they want the computer back

  spuds 09:07 30 Oct 2005

When Tempo went bust, the finance house dealing with the matter were very favourable towards me. Two computers for the price of one :o)

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