Tiny no delivery or refund.

  Thbarty 11:59 16 Sep 2004

I ordered a PC from Tiny.com on their website on July 1st, the computer failed to arrive before July 26th so I cancelled the order via their website as I had received no paperwork nor contact details.

The only contact that I had with Tiny was a sales rep checking my card details on July 2nd.

My card was debited the full amount, £1138,on July 5th. I have used the website to request a refund on two occasions, no refund nor acknowledement have been forthcoming.

I have contacted the card provider, MINY, they also have failed to achieve a refund and have not replied to my letter.

Help please, should I contact the citizens advice bureau, the office of fair trading or some other organization.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:22 16 Sep 2004

You say that your card was debited: does that mean you used a debit card rather than credit card? If the latter, contact them and explain the situation. If the former, then contact the CAB in the first place if no response is forthcoming from Tiny.

  Thbarty 14:18 16 Sep 2004

No, I used a MINT credit card for the transaction, what I meant was that the full amount was deducted from my MINT card account and has not been refunded.

Apart from the Tiny.com website I have no other method of contacting them as no paperwork was issued.

  plsndrs3 15:20 16 Sep 2004

As I understand it, the transaction was cancelled as the computer was not received in a timely manner.

Usually, Tiny send a delivery confirmation by email letter or mention this on the phone when ordering. This can be seen to form part of the contract between you and them.

If this is the case, and delivery was promised before the order was cancelled, then you can contact the credit card company & explain the situation. They will place the amount into dispute and contact Tiny to advise them of this. They will ask them for 'proof' that a contract was not broken or that delivery was/will be made as agreed. If this is the case, they will write to you to discuss this further.

They would be my first step - although from the price of the PC it is clear that this was most likely made to order & I would be personally surprised that a delivery was promised within a few weeks.



  spuds 19:03 16 Sep 2004

I am a little confused as to your introduction statement. You commenced a purchase on the 1st July, money was debited from your 'MINT' account on the 5th July and you cancelled the order because you had not received the computer by July 26th. Yet you state that you received no paperwork or contact details from Tiny.How did you know that you should have had the computer by 26th July.How did you cancel, and did you receive an acknowledgement as to that cancellation. Have you been in touch with Tiny since July 26th !.

Regarding the credit card side.MINT [MINY] gave you a loan via their procedures and paid Tiny for a computer that you eventually cancelled. Yet you state that they have failed to achieve a refund or answer your letter.You give no mention as to the timescale that you first contacted your credit card company, and informed them of the problem. Was it last week or last month. Have they issued a statement for the £1138, and have you paid the credit card company in full, for a computer that you do not have. This extra information [in both parts] would help, as to a final answer.

Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you have certain safeguards which your credit card company have a legal obligation to help resolve this matter for you.Contact them again, and make it clear as to the situation.

  TBH1 22:39 16 Sep 2004

I am still amazed that people buy from Tiny ; they went bust a year or so ago, and re-invented themselves under the present guise - -and still getting complaints. Doesn't help you none - -or the people who will buy from them before seeing forums such as this.

I'll get me coat.

  flubberjack 15:56 17 Sep 2004

To be fair to them, although their parent company (Granville/Time Group) seem to get a fair few complaints and Tiny.com has had a few on here - I haven't seen as many recently. Plus, judging by the number of Tiny.Com adverts in computer publications and the amount of sales they say they have, they must have a relatively small number of unhappy customers.

Good luck to the original posted though - I hope that everyhting works out for you. Hopefully your credit card company can resolve this issue.

  Sexy Si 16:48 17 Sep 2004

May I just say a friend ordered a Tiny computer two months ago and with ten thousand telephone calls to their childish customer service operators had no joy on receving his pc worth £1200!!.

I am PC tech and was fuming when told this story so I decided to help an old friend out, which I must say I wish I didnt now!. This company or so called company have no idea in running a simple operation such as:

1) Advertise to consumer
2)consumer activley purchases a pc via web or telephone
3) Account manager inputs data and goes to the warehouse.
4) Then dispatch send the pc out to customer

Can Tiny do anyone of the above, NO!

I am so angry at their sales people as no one calls you back when you start to fuss they laugh!. They employ spotted teenagers who dont understand PC's nore do they have any interest in their products. I had teh phone put down on me three times.

Anyway to conclude the ludicroius scenario we are still waitign a refund after 2 months, my advice DONT EVER BUY FROM TINY.COM.

Just becasue they advertise everywhere means nothing they are in serious debt so dont help them out of this crisis!.



  Thbarty 12:46 20 Sep 2004

Thanks for all of the advice and comments, if I had known of the existence of sites and forums such as this I would not be in this situation, I shall certainly pass on the knowledge that I have gained to any friend or aquaintance who is thinking of buying a computer especially "Do not buy from Tiny"

  AnthonyB 19:59 21 Sep 2004

I'll second that -(or is that a 3rd-4th and so on?)


I am a victim of the company, so i know what they are like when you are buying of them (like you best friend) and when they go wrong IN warrentee (like your best enemy)and when your PC goes wrong out of warrenteee - they litarally "Smirked over the phone to me when I told them the monirot blew on me, and asked if they could help "Sorry mate, out of our hands now mate - contact your" Maybe it was, since it was 13 months (1 month out of warrentee) when My monitor went. My HD went 5 weeks later, then the whole system just collapsed on me.

This was a PC i brought in 1997, and cost me £1307 sterling (Pentium 1 200 MMX, S3 Virge 4 meg GFX Card). It was fast at the time compared to other competitors.

Once bitten.......

  Dorsai 20:27 21 Sep 2004

all i can say is click here

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