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  Knightmail 08:39 11 Apr 2005

I recently (last week) placed an online order for a PC from Tiny, using my credit card. After a couple of days I received a phone call from Tiny to confirm credit card details and delivery address and then to be told that my card would be debited in a couple of days - then that the lead time on my order would be 28 days! I cancelled my order immediatly. This is not acceptable business practice (to me).
Nigel Knight

  Maverick81 09:27 11 Apr 2005

Its standard practice.....any company who takes payment for goods via mail order or over the phone has 28 days by law to honour the order you placed. It would probably have been with you in a lot less than that.

  Total Care Support 09:32 11 Apr 2005

Dear Knightmail,

I am, sorry that you felt the need to cancel your order.

We do quote a 28 day lead time on completion of orders along with alot of our competitors, although we try to complete orders within 7 to 10 days dependant upon components and suppliers this can some times extend due to things outside our control. At present we ship over 15,000 orders a month to our customers, this does make us the largest manufacturer of computers in the UK, and one of the largest in europe. As our systems are built to order this means that production has to be schedualed.

We do state in our terms and conditions online that orders can take this long to complete. Having just checked with 3 of our competitors they all state a 30 day lead time on delivery within their online terms and conditions.

Again I am sorry that you felt the need to cancel, however we would rather let you know how long an order may take to complete and have it arrive with you sooner than mis-inform you and have you chasing a system that is being processed. For this reason when placing an order if we take a mobile telephone number we can send you SMS messages though out the progress of your order to keep you informed, (subject to some network restrictions!)

Best regards to all

Daniel Warren,
Granville Technology,
[email protected]

  jbp1982 12:34 11 Apr 2005

28 days is not very long, any company you order from like this, they're gonna quote the same. If you wanted instant purchase then take a trip down to PCWorld or something.

  pj123 15:43 11 Apr 2005

But is it right to debit your card a long time before despatch.

Company's I deal with always say they don't debit your card until despatch?

  jbp1982 15:50 11 Apr 2005

Does it really matter, they are keeping themselves safe. What happens if they send the computer and payment is rejected? A couple of weeks interest on these amounts of money is negligible.

  Knightmail 17:00 11 Apr 2005

The point made by pj123 is the most relavent here. It is possible to get intanst - almost confirmation of card details as do most of the firms I deal with who do not quote such long times because they have the goods in stock. I am certainly not happy to have my card debited so far in a advance of delivery.
By the way I have purchased from Dell now who quote a 7 day delivery and have not yet debited my card.
No more correspondence please - I just wanted to inform people of the situation so that they can make their own judgement.

  pj123 17:53 11 Apr 2005

jbp1982, "A couple of weeks interest on these amounts of money is negligible."

Not if you have 15,000 of them a month.

  Maverick81 11:09 12 Apr 2005

Let us not blacken anybody's service without due course...I have just had a word with a colleague who deals with dell and very rarely do they quote him 7 working days and he buys lots of systems at a time (10-20)

But he has sent me dell's terms and conditions and I think you will find they do take payment before the goods have been supplied (or at least they can)

and I quote

"Payment will be made before supply or Service
or, if agreed, within 30 days of the invoice
date without further notice from Dell"

All mail order firms usually take the money before supplying the goods.

Tiny are no different, which would you rather ? they gave you a lead time they couldn't honour or give a realistic achievable target...if you want something instantly dont buy via mail order


  Starfox 11:27 12 Apr 2005

Why not do as jbp1982 suggests and go to P.C.World.You can pick up your pc at the same time as you pay for it.

  jbp1982 12:14 12 Apr 2005

I seriously do not think that companies do this to earn interest on your payment. They do it to safeguard themselves against sending you products and not getting paid. It's better for them that they owe you and not the other way round.

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