Tiny Laptop....Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!

  Julezee 00:20 28 Apr 2005

I ordered a Tiny laptop to use for business almost 3 months ago. It turned up after 3 weeks. On the very first time I switched it on it failed to get into XP. Switched it off then on and it all seemed fine...for about 15 minutes then it cut to a blank screen. The only escape is to switch it off and on again, and it is may be fine for hours, or fail to get into XP.

It has been back to Tiny twice now and they are as useless as their computer as it still has the same fault. I have spent hours on the phone being treated like dirt, and they totally ignored the letter I wrote asking for a refund.

I would not recommend them to anyone, and I'm astonished they have managed to stay in business!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is ongoing, and I feel like I'm banging my head against a large sharp spike dealing with them. Jules

  Giggle n' Bits 01:24 28 Apr 2005

I would claim it back and get your refund.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:26 28 Apr 2005

Visa Purchase protects you, so they have had the cance to put it right but failed. The Laptop is not working the way it should nor to your satisfaction you will have not problems if you contact your visa company. That a hope you paid with Visa.

  Julezee 08:13 28 Apr 2005

Thanks Milk Man,

I did pay by Visa, So if I have no success with Tiny today I'll go the Visa route. Jules

  pj123 12:50 28 Apr 2005

Get in touch with Daniel Warren the Tiny/Time Rep on this Forum. His email address is [email protected]

Please don't go in like a bull in a china shop.

Take it easy and you never know.....

  Julezee 23:25 29 Apr 2005

I have contacted my card company, and they are willing to take on Tiny on my behalf as soon as I write to them. I will email Daniel Warren, if only to tell him how poor Tiny's technical support, and customer services are.

I sent an email to Tiny.com the evening I first posted on PC advisor, but have had no response. I phoned yesterday, only to be told they could find no fault and hence did nothing on its last return, and that it was my mains service or socket which must be faulty. This is despite pointing out that it goes to a blank screen when running from the battery, and that it does the same when plugged in at work 5 miles away.

So as far as Tiny are concerned all is well!! As I said before I am less than impressed, as I want to us the laptop as a key element in a vehicle diagnostics business which I want to set up asap, but which is impossible as the Tiny laptop crashes so unpredictably.


  woodchip 23:28 29 Apr 2005

Take it back get your money back. And get one from click here

  Forum Editor 23:43 29 Apr 2005

to your email. I'm fairly sure that Daniel Warren will get back to you.

In the meantime I suggest that you heed pj123's advice not to "go in like a bull in a china shop". There may yet be a satisfactory outcome to all this.

  Julezee 00:21 30 Apr 2005

Thanks for the suggestion for where to get my next laptop, I will look for one when i get my money back.

Whilst i appreciate the advice of not going at it like a Bull in a china shop, this is now 2 months in and a £1200 laptop, £50 ish in phone calls and a probably 20 hours of my time wasted so far. Plus the business I hoped to start 2 months ago is on hold!

I failed to mention that the reload CD sent with the computer was not the right one and is just a coaster. The one I paid extra for, which was out of stock at the time of delivery, arrived almost a month later after having to chase technical support despite having had the problems from day one. That one also does not work!

I loaded XP pro from my desktop, thinking it could be a software fault, but it still crashed. It then had to go back to be reset, and to investigate the fault..... most of the rest I have already covered.

What is sad is that when it is working it's a great computer, but as anyone into computers understands only too well, that just isn't good enough.


  g0nvs 22:46 30 Apr 2005

£50 ish on phone calls is an absolute disgrace, send it back and get a refund & put this down to experience.

  Forum Editor 01:32 01 May 2005

that Tiny "....totally ignored the letter I wrote asking for a refund".

At what point did you write this letter, and did you state that you were rejecting the computer as 'not fit'? Did you by chance send the letter by special (or recorded) delivery?

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