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  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 10:42 23 Jan 2005

I have just purchaed a Tiny Powerlite C825 and it appear thar the DVD writer is not as specified as it cannot wtite to DVD+ media. This is important to me as the DVD recorder I use for TV programs uses this format and I also have video editing software so want to burn to this format so the dicsc can be played back on the DVD recorder.

I suspect that Tiny may have supled me with a C835 model as the processor runs at 1.7 ghz instead of the 1.6 ghz quoted for the C825.

The extra speed is welcome, of course, but I would rather have the DVD drive thatI was expecting.

Suggestions as to how best I should deal with this would be appreciated as I want to apreoach Tiny in a reasonable and constructive manner.

I am also having a problem where discs will not Autorun and have posted a message in the Helproom Forum on this subject.

  Forum Editor 11:03 23 Jan 2005

in exactly the same way you've posted your thread - reasonably and without a trace of aggression.

That's the way to get the result you want - there's obviously some confusion here, and it's best to clear it up with Tiny. If the machine is not as specified they will want to rectify matters - as they must, under current consumer law. If they don't, you have the right to a full refund, but I'm sure it won't come to that.

Thanks, FE.

I will let you know how I get on.

  Total Care Support 03:23 24 Jan 2005

Hi JamesF,

Please could you contact me, and I can look into this for you.

Please ensure that you include your order number, account number or invoice postcode as well as forum id and name.

best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

Hi Daniel, it's nice to a supplier taking such a proactive approach.

I assume that you would like me to email you rather than communicate via the forum. If so, I will have to do this after working hours.

Best regards,



Can you please clarify what you meand by forum id and name. For example, do you mean forum id (JameF) and name (James)

Many thanks.

I have emailed Daniel and now await his response.

I will update the thread as soon as I hear from him.

  matherelli 10:30 25 Jan 2005

James I have had similar difficulties with Tiny. Great to see Daniel trying to assist. I have emailed him regarding the diabolical service I have had and will get back to you with details. Hang in there. As FE says be civil but know your rights and you have bought the notebook for Media DVDs to work so don't give in until you get the machine you ordered. Good to hear about the better C835 model being installed!

Hello matherelli and thanks for the post.

I am beginning to suspect that the drive is faulty as it won't write do DVD-RAM either. My understanding is that RAM discs can be used in the same way as a hard drive, as long as they are formatted, which is what I have done.

I look forward with interest to see how our respective problems are resolved.

Daniel called to today to explain the confusion.

Apparently, the drive only writes to DVD-R/RW. I was confused on two counts. Firstly the word 'multiformat'used by Tiny on their web site suggested to me that the drive is able to wite to DVD+R/RW and DVD-RAM but the term 'multiformat' means that drive can write to CD and DVD media. I was further confused by the PC Advisor review, which clearly states that the drive can write to all three DVD formats.

Whilst I do understand that PC Advisor may not have been in receipt of accurate specifications, I would be very interested to hear from the forum editor on this.

I must say that Daniel was very helpful in explaining the confusion and I would like to thank him pubicly for taking the time to call me.

  opbadboy 18:55 26 Jan 2005

Very interesting thread, i was just about to purchace this Tiny laptop due to the good review on Pc Advisor, but after reading into the thread it seems like I will look into other laptops. Apart from your bad luck with the DVD drive, is the laptop a good performer?

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