Tiny Green PC does not respond, how to get their attention?

  wildside 16:17 13 Nov 2014

I ordered a FitPC3 from Tiny Green PC, and it has been a debacle. They didn't follow my shipping instructions, charged VAT even though they shouldn't have because it was leaving the country, lost the shipment so it was a month late, cost me $400 additional out of my pocket to DHL before I could retrieve the package, and then the computer was defective! I have sent several messages via email, asking for them to refund/credit the amounts I shouldn't have had to pay and send a functional computer, which at first they said they would do. Then they changed their story, and now think I'm lying and don't even have the computer, and are not responding to my messages.

I have already wasted so much time, $ and energy on this, I'm not even sure what to do anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get through the red tape with them and get the situation taken care of? I tried signing up for their forum, but they make it difficult, with a trick question I have no way to answer. I am looking at their defective computer and wishing I had never heard of TinyGreenPC!

  Ex plorer 16:40 13 Nov 2014

If you paid by credit card or debit card read This it may help, there may be better explanations elsewhere on the net.

Good luck

  Ex plorer 16:58 13 Nov 2014

May seem a daft question but...its a bare bone system as standard @ £235.00 and it comes without, hard drive, Ram, operating system, and adapter. Is this it Here

  wildside 17:40 13 Nov 2014

This is what I got: FITPC3-LP-8GB RAM-SSD-60GB-mSATA-NONE-MS-FQC-08289-US-AD £485.00

With VAT and shipping, the total was £642.00.

Because they shipped it DHL instead of mailing, and charged VAT, Customs evaluated it at BZ$2,188. I had to pay DHL BZ$400 for brokerage fees, Customs clearing and the taxes before I could get the computer...taxes were evaluated on all the additional charges and shipping costs.

Thanks for the link to the Consumer Credit Rights... I'm looking at it now!

  wildside 19:19 13 Nov 2014

Since my original post, I received a message that they would comply with my request to reimburse for the VAT charges and out-of-pocket expenses to DHL,as well as a 5% discount that I missed due to their lax correspondence (I sometimes had to send a message 2 or 3 times over the course of several days before getting a response. That should have been my first clue!), and send a tested, functional unit with the proper connectors/adapters, so when I pick up the new unit at the Post Office, I can mail back the defective unit. This is what they said a week ago, and then reneged, so I will not believe them until I have been provided the amount reimbursed, a tracking number for the new unit, and the return merchandise number to return the defective unit.

I have lived in Belize for 25 years and have imported hundreds of items through a variety of methods, and have never seen such a muckup as this has been! Or been called a liar by any supplier before. TinyGreenPC is at the bottom for customer service, and I hope everyone thinks twice before exposing themselves to such treatment.

  wildside 22:12 25 Nov 2014

This is an update on this situation before I start a new thread... they did give me a tracking number, it arrived and I picked it up last Friday, and AGAIN,the replacement unit was defective! The adapters worked, but this time it shuts down after a minute or two, and reboots to the safe mode start up page. Over and over! It also has someone else's name on the computer, with my name listed as a "user" so I'm wondering if they tried to pawn off a previously returned defective unit?

So far I have received no refund, neither the original charges, overcharged VAT, nor requested refund of my out of pocket expenses for for dealing with their defective equipment. Now I just want all $ refunded, return their defective merchandise, and not have to deal with their deceptive marketing and shoddy equipment ever again!

I sent a message to both representatives I had corresponded with, to be there for them Monday morning, and got auto-replies from both of them that they were out on holiday, and to contact the other one! Are they even a real company, or just two people pulling some scam? Today, after sending it a second time, marked URGENT, I got a message they received my correspondence BUT their "Financial Director" is unavailable until December 1, and they will deal with it then. I'm sorry, but it's already been nearly 3 months trying to make this purchase, and I am still left with NOTHING, and no way to buy another computer until they refund the $$!

Tiny Green PC has deceptive marketing.. a joke 5-year warranty when it doesn't even work for 2 minutes!! Once maybe, but not twice!

  spuds 11:09 26 Nov 2014

What actions have you taken in respect of notifying the credit card company. If none, then I would suggest that you do pronto, because they might be the answer to your problems!.

  Woolwell 15:20 26 Nov 2014

It would seem that the basics of the PC are made in Israel by Compulab and sold by Tiny Green which itself is a subsidiary of Anders Electronics.

Not sure how credit card protection works in Belize.

  wildside 18:40 26 Nov 2014

I just lost a long post about this, so I hope it was operator error and not censorship! I'm going to be very careful this time.

The thing about contacting the credit card company... it was a gift from my son in the US, and I'm trying to keep him out of a messy situation. If he contests it, he will need documentation that was sent to me... I will have to send it to him with all the messy details.. they would have no control of my out of pocket expenses... it would make the whole situation 10 times worse. If TinyGreen does the right thing and wipes the slate clean, I'm sure he will have no trouble with buying another computer from a reputable company. Finding the right one will be the topic of another post.

Since it was brought up, I didn't realize the computer was made in Israel until I was boxing up the first unit to return. If I had known that in the beginning, I would never have wanted to buy it! I thought by their name and the low energy products, that TinyGreenPC was an environmentally aware company promoting energy-saving electronics. After looking up their product lines trying to sign up for their forum, and later CompuLab, it looks more like surveillance equipment! I am totally against all the snooping, spying, backdoors, and big brother technology and a strong advocate of boycotting Israel, so even with all the hassle I'm having, in the long run I will be happier NOT having an Israeli product in my possession!

  wildside 22:05 04 Dec 2014

Update on the situation: I was sent a second unit which I received November 25th. It didn't work either. It cost an additional $200 to bring in the 2nd defective unit and mail out the first defective unit. TinyGreen acknowledged the second unit doesn't work, and has just now given me a DHL account number to ship back at their expense, but still no word about when I can expect a refund. It has now been 90 days since I first contacted them to make the purchase, it has cost over GBP 900.00, and I still have nothing to show for it! I need the refund in order to buy a computer that works! If I send the 2nd defective unit back, I have no leverage nor any way of knowing if I will ever get a refund! They will not give me any assurance about a refund, and I have no confidence that they will ever respond to anything I send once they have all the $$ AND the computers back! Just a day or two more, and then I will be forced to try the credit card company approach. It's too bad TinyGreen can't be trusted.

  Woolwell 13:02 05 Dec 2014

You have to send the unit back otherwise you will not get a refund nor may you find the credit card on your side. Just because you have received 2 items that you are unhappy with doesn't mean that you can state that they cannot be trusted.

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