Is this tiny drone any good?

  john bunyan 18:01 10 Nov 2018

I am not a drone enthusiast but this tiny, quite cheap one looks interesting for nearby photos etc? Maybe a present for a suitable friend?

small drone

  [DELETED] 20:01 10 Nov 2018

Not sure if same model but the make rings a bell. My son bought a drone costing about £800 plus £60 for spare battery. You use an App with your phone and connect via GPS.

Absolutely wonderful in beginner's mode. You must set your GPS point as home wherever you go as the first thing you do. If you forget to do this every time then when the battery gets low it will try to fly to wherever you set as home previously. End of drone.

Apart from that caveat they are simply a joy to use. Low battery and it will return and land at home. Out of range and it will return to home. Low flying to take photos and will beep an audio alarm if instructed to fly forward and it finds an object in front. It will stop and just hover.

By the way out of battery or out of range will return it to your feet as near as dammit (home) and cannot be overridden unless it's only a few feet away. It's definitely a good present to give as £800 for basic model is pretty cheap I think.

  [DELETED] 20:11 10 Nov 2018

PS it's the first time I refused to use this technology as I was a tad scared of it :(

  john bunyan 21:18 10 Nov 2018

Is this the one- price seems unreal!


  [DELETED] 12:43 11 Nov 2018

Just had a word with son. His is a different drone so I don't know how yours would perform - sorry JB .

  gideono226 09:59 26 Dec 2018

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