Tiny Deal to good to be true??

  Khufu 00:48 05 May 2005

I am new to the PC world and have been buying the various magazines, and reading articles on what it is I want/need.

There is a machine on the tiny website, it comes with a AMD Athlon 64 3400 processor, 1024mb Ram, 400GB hardrive, 16 x DVD RW, and a 19" flat panal, all for £738.00 including delivary based on a 12 month warranty.

I have looked at Mesh and Dell systems, and they dont even seem to get near this type of price for what you are getting?

I just wanted to ask the obvious, wheres the Catch?? or is it Tiny/time that is the catch, or could this be just a great deal??

  g0nvs 06:10 05 May 2005

Recovery disc is extra, also Tech Support at £1 a min I believe.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:43 05 May 2005

Tin ymake good manchines. They use different means of saving money - delivery charges are in the higher band, the recovery (windows) disk is charged for while many other retailers put it in, tech support is a little higher than others (many charge national rates, not premium rates) - but sell hardware at a reasonable cost.

Their modem used to be (perhaps still is?) "dedicated" ie you can only use it with their ISP, Supanet, unless you unlock / deoptimize it.

Do a search in the box on the left hand side of the screen to see soem thoughts on them.

  New Neophyte 10:39 05 May 2005

With TINY there really is no such thing as a free lunch! They would argue the ancillary costs as listed above give the buyer more choice; others think it's an underhand way of charging much the same as everyone else, but appearing to charge less. There's no definitive answer: it's up to the individual to decide for themselves.

Good luck.


  Total Care Support 12:58 05 May 2005

Hi Khufu

If you have any questions with regard to the Tiny deal please feel free to drop me an email and I will answer them for you.

As I have stated else where on this and other forums when you look to buy a system take into account the full cost of everything that you would like, I believe that even with support package and any extras that you may chose to opt for we will always remain very competitive.

I do not know what deal you are specically talking about on the website as at present there are over 100 deals on there but a quick glace I saw the click here which has free delivery and a free DVD Recorder, at present I do know that most deals have free delivery on them.

As has been discussed before if you chose to opt out of an Extended support package then technical support lines are charged at premium rate, within an extended support package they run at a national rate, this is so that we do not charge customers who do not believe they would make use of a support package for a service they believe they will not use. If a hardware issue does occour that requires you to call then on submission of a telephone bill (itemised) we do look to reimbure any costs incurred but in over 90% of cases calls to the Support lines are resolved on the telephone due to be caused by software such as driver spyware mal ware or viruses etc.

Diodorus Siculus is correct the modem as advertised is configured for use with Supanet, however each order includes a letter that walks you though how to de-optimise it in plain non-jargon language, also we offer and supanet offer 3 national rate support lines and 3 websites to assist in this.

g0nvs is also correct if you wish to include a reload disk with your order this is listed under the Extras we recommend during the purchase as I have discussed before this is as many of our customers are either returning customers or are purchasing multipe systems and therefore do not wish to pay extra for something that they may already have or something that they only need one of.

As I have said please feel free to drop me a line with any questions that you have and I will endeavour to answer them for you

best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  Khufu 14:00 05 May 2005

So basically the vibe i'm getting is it is a good deal, unless something goes wrong, which as said above 90% of the time or higher there is no problem. I would like to have the confidence to buy a machine that will be solid enough, but also great value, and I dont see any other deals around offering a 19"TFT or so much memory plus free delivary, so it seems to be a good catch, again as long as it stays working fine.

  New Neophyte 14:11 05 May 2005

Before you do make a purchase it might be an idea to read some of the earlier threads about TINY, Khufu. I'm not trying to influence you (I have no reason to), but I'd suggest you be fully cogniscent of what others have experienced before you buy. This would be true of a purchase from any provider.


  Total Care Support 14:32 05 May 2005

I Agree with Neo look about, compare us with other companies

but when reading the forums or anywhere else I only ask a couple of simple things.

remember that we are the only Tier 1 manufacture of computers in the UK (Tier 1 means the size of the company the only other one in europe is Dell in Ierland. with shipping over 15,000 machines a month) at present our DOA rate is lower that 2% (last month it was 0.53%) again the lowest in the industry.

and compare any that you find with the issues raised about other companies, unfortunately it is very rare that people post when they are happy with a purchase. And note the dates I will admit that in the past we have struggled with service but over the last few years we have worked hard to correcting this.

and one finnal thing any questions I can help you with please feel free to drop me an email no matter where you finnaly decide to purchase.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
[email protected]

  bfoc 14:52 05 May 2005

You might like to bear in mind is that Tiny do have an active presence here - which has to be a positive point.

Also Tiny do offer competitive prices, but this is at least partly because, as Daniel very freely says, they may offer less within their quoted price. So if you want/need a recovery disk add that on, if you want an extended support package add that on and if you think you'll need help add on some estimate of the cost of the helpline and then compare.

Of course if none of this matters to you then Tiny are very, very good value.

It really is a matter of deciding what is important to you and then pricing it up.

  Joe R 14:59 05 May 2005

Total Care Support,

" Diodorus Siculus is correct the modem as advertised is configured for use with Supanet, however each order includes a letter that walks you though how to de-optimise it in plain non-jargon language, also we offer and supanet offer 3 national rate support lines and 3 websites to assist in this."

If a letter in plain English, is included to show you how to de-optomise Supanet, then why are three national support lines, and three websites to assist.

I can only conclude, that the plain non-jargon language, does not always resolve this matter.

  [email protected]@ 15:21 05 May 2005

Was a Tiny some seven years ago,I got exactly what I paid for,a machine made from basic components, cheaply made (but not neccessarily rubbish) at a very good price and which is still working today(Passed it on to my grandson for homework etc).

If I was fairly new to pc's then I would condider buying another one but I build my own now to the spec's that I require.

Not sure that the warranties are worth the cost unless you are very green with no knowledge of computers at all.I never had to use the warranty and as you become more experienced then you will be able to solve many problems yourself,you will have to decide for yourself if it is worth the extra cost.

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