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  meater 15:20 27 Jan 2005

Hi there,

Can anybody tell me about tiny computers? Are they reliable? Has there been any problems with the firm such as, if the PC goes wrong. I am very interested in the tiny computer called: "Monster" at £669. I would be grateful if anybody could let me know reports they have heard about them.
Your faitfully


  961 15:30 27 Jan 2005

Type "tiny computers" into the search engine on the left of this page and read on from there

Alternatively type "Tiny computers problems" into google uk and scroll down

  Charence 14:06 30 Jan 2005

I bought my laptop from Tiny, after 1 year it stopped working so I phoned their £1/min 'helpline'. My experience of the Tiny customer service was not too good, it involved many minutes on the telephone (mostly on hold), and not getting the problem solved by Tiny.

That's my experience, it may not necessarily be yours if you buy one. However, I'd advise you to look at click here or click here before you make your purchase. Savastore also lets you build a custom PC.


  Bleep 16:38 30 Jan 2005

All of my family have had tiny computers over the last 2 years and two have been problem free, 3 machines in total, with one having a problem that was resolved problem free.

They paid the extra £29.99 for the recovery disk and also took up the option of paying extra for a service pack option for 3 years.

One of the machines had a hardrive fault which was repoted and replaced with 10 days.

Although I would personnal not buy from Tiny as i'm in to power gaiming machines that I build myself, the price of the packages that I have recommend to family:

PC and Monitor



Digital Camera

And the recover cd and support pack gave great value for what were very high spec machines AMD64 3000's.
They have been reliable and represented great value for money as a complete family pc -package.

I advised them to take out the cover plan and we included the price when we contrasted machines from Dell,PC-WORLD,Mesh etc and at the time it represented the best deal - the machines and cases or of a great standard and good components

MSI Motherboard

Micron RAM

ATI Radeon

Seagate HDD

NEC DVD burners

Providing you research your purchase and buy it with credit card for extra protection and the product suits your needs Tiny are fine to buy from.

  Fellsider 16:39 30 Jan 2005

I can only give you details of my own experience.

In 2003 I ordered a PC from Time from an advert in a daily newspaper, after 10 days when I had no confirmation and the amount had not been charged to my credit card I phoned again.

They could not find the original order but they did pass me to the person who I had spoken to. He then claimed that I couldn't have spoken to him as he wasn't working that day!!. If that were the case then how did I get his name and before anyone says it NO I definately had the correct date and time.

Anyway, they took my order again and after 10 days I still didn't have any confirmation and again it hadn't been charged to my credit card. On phoning I was told that the credit card company had rejected the transaction. This was somewhat strange as there was certainly credit available on the card and the card company denied that Time had been in touch with them when I contacted them.

I then wrote to Time, cancelling the order and 5 days later they tried to give me an order number and asked for my credit details again, needless to say I don't deal with Time now.

Having said that, it was my experience and I have a friend who has had two Time machines and his problems were sorted.

  Starfox 17:43 30 Jan 2005

Tiny Pc's read this click here

  bemuzed 21:13 30 Jan 2005

PCadvisr did a survey recently amongst users and I think Tiny came out poor on the "would you buy from this company again" question.

  opbadboy 21:15 30 Jan 2005

one of the worst pc's to by from would be Tiny/Time or the computer shop. My tiny machine was as loud as a plane, components are cheap and start to break down after a year or so.

  Charence 21:20 30 Jan 2005

since you are buying a Desktop PC, I guess it doesn't matter that much because you can buy replacement components for it almost anywhere. Just make sure that the 'Monster' is a good deal and has what you want and that you can't buy cheaper elsewhere. If you can, buy somewhere else, if Tiny is the cheapest option...buy from Tiny (gnashing of teeth).

After your 1st year of Warranty is over, if anything happens to your computer the best option would be to source your replacement parts not from Tiny and its best to avoid calling Tiny Technical Support if possible. Also don't buy extra warranty.


  Starfox 22:35 30 Jan 2005

" since you are buying a Desktop PC, I guess it doesn't matter that much because you can buy replacement components for it almost anywhere "

Not with a Tiny Pc you wont.Many of the components are unique to their machines and Tiny will not sell you the parts. click here

  New Neophyte 10:51 31 Jan 2005

Heaven! And I nearly bought a TINY!

The guy from Tiny who posts on here seemed so convincing as well.

So who do you go to for a desktop PC around £1000 that's reliable and a decent all-rounder (some games, editing, office functions)? I'm considering MESH who seem pretty good, or DELL as a stand-by.

Any comments?

New N

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