HondaMan 13:08 10 Feb 2006

Anyone seen their advert in April's PCA?

"Over 19 years experience in European IT market place"
"Time products have consistently won industry awards...."

How come? Its a new company - isn't it???

It seems that the new company is trying to trade on the "good" points of the old, so ,lets be fair and include the bad points as well!!

  rdave13 19:24 10 Feb 2006

Well I for one wish them luck.They will provide much needed jobs and maybe this time the company will be run better having learnt from past experience.

  Stuartli 19:02 11 Feb 2006

>>Collapsed in 2003, seem to be up and running as of January 2006 but gone again in February 2006.>>

Powerhouse was up and running again some 12 to 18 months ago at its store in my area - but it's one company I would never had dealt with under the circumstances.

The same, I'm afraid, would be the same for Time, no matter who has taken over.

  oresome 20:33 11 Feb 2006

Can you detect any change of emphasis in the adverts?

i.e. are they going for the same market as the old company or changing tact.

  Stuartli 11:58 12 Feb 2006

I'm not kicking 'em while they are down, merely going on the basis of once bitten, twice shy or, more accurately in this case based on recent times, twice bitten...

My first home system rather than a works based equivalent was a Time 100MHz Pentium back in March, 1996 - it was a sale model that cost £1,303 and boasted a 14in Hitachi monitor, 1MB graphics acquired from the 16MB of RAM (could be upped to 2MB to complement the highly advanced graphics accelerator), a 4x CD-ROM drive and...

Well that was it basically, plus a pile of mostly little use software.

But I've still got the excellent and well written manual for the system and around 60 floppies that were used to backup the software.

  HondaMan 14:37 17 Mar 2006

have replied and here is an extract of their letter:

click here

  HondaMan 10:49 30 Aug 2006

Thanks for that BarnabyP. I would never buy anything from this crowd. Their past reputations say enough about them I think.

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