TIME XP 3000+64chip

  fenlander 19:55 24 Feb 2004

Advice please--In a moment of weakness I bought a Time PC on Jan 7th 2004 I ordered an XP 3000 with a 1024DDR ram, the PC they sent was XP 3000+64 chip with a 512 DDR ram.

When I complained that I had not received what I ordered I was assured by the salesperson I talked to that the PC was as good as the one I ordered.
As I had loaded all my programs on it I said I would keep it and took out the gold cover guarantee at a cost of £299 for three years (what a mistake)

I have had trouble with the Multimedia Center (no picture on TV) So I restored PC to factory config useing the restore backup disc supplied (normally sold for £99 but given as long as I took out the guarantee)
The restore disc does not restore the picture on the TV.(error message states "failed to load capture driver) Next I phone my gold cover at a cost of 10p a minute, and after telephoning three times and talking to three different operators I am told to phone a £1 a minute tech advice site because they are not to familiar with the ATI Multimedia Center, to which I refuse as I have gold cover, I have since asked Time to except the PC back and cancel my credit agreement.

  dan boy 21:01 24 Feb 2004


I had one bought from me by my parents about 3 years ago. It was meant to be a crimbo present but it didn't arrive. Instead they let us borrow a pc they had in stock.....what could was that. Could i install my games, my settings..NO Two weeks later i finally got MY pc and was unhappy with the printer, a fault of some sort. Sent that back and demanded compensation......what did they send.....a set of crummy disks which i had no use for.(encyclopedia etc.)

The moral of this long story is


(my opinion only)

  dan boy 21:03 24 Feb 2004

that should be FOR* and GOOD*

soz i still cant spell at 15

  fenlander 03:09 25 Feb 2004

Package looked good in the ad, but since buying it everyone I talk to tell me that I have made a big mistake.Is there anyone who can tell me where I stand with the consumer rights.
The recording quality is not as good as I was lead to believe on the ATI softwere, and as it came with this preloaded, and I now have this display problem that the backup disc will not correct do I have a case????

  JerryJay 11:53 25 Feb 2004

It may be difficult to make a case to return it to them. They may try to fix any problem you have. As for difference between ad and the machine you received. You have already accepted the machine and it could be difficult to get back to that. In fact, you get a better CPU.

For display problem, you may need to reload driver. If not supplied on CD, you can normally go to component manufacturers' web sites and download latest drivers. If you do not have information about the model and producer of all components, you can use some programs to find out,e.g. aida32 click here cpu-z click here, Belarc click here. Actually it is always a good idea to get latest drivers for all components.

As for video capture quality, it may not be possible it is faulty. ATI AIW cards are not really good for capturing videos, you may try other video editing program to see capture quality, one I use is videostudio, you can download a trial version from their website click here.

  fenlander 16:55 25 Feb 2004

Thanks for the info Jerry- I have aready downloaded drivers still doesn't make any difference.
When I go into Video codecs.
The DIV X 5.0 codec states,"Driver enabled but not functioning properly"
When I click properties it says
"cannot load DIV X 5.0 codec. The driver file may be missing, install driver again or contact your system administater.
I cannot understand why a full restore did not correct the problem.

  ddd3 17:28 25 Feb 2004

Well you can't quibble about the spec, you deffo got more than you paid for, but if the TV display is that important to you, you can return the computer as not being suitable for the purpose for which you bought it. They can then choose to repair or replace it.

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