Time and win XP Pro

  steven_frost 08:33 01 Jul 2003

Since my last thread was closed down due to the insane amount of bad words said about time i'm starting again.

Although as of yet i've not yet brought a pc from time i have looked at their web site since i was looking at upgading my home pc time seem to offer a good pc at a cheap price which at the end of the day were all after. after looking at the specs and finding that windows XP Home is installed on it i asked if Pro could be installed answer yes but at a cost of some £149 BUT with no disks i emailed them back say what was i getting for the 149 if no disk were supplyed no responce so i posted on here hoping that some could answer this small but important question then Chris from time posted a responce which i happly emailed him then nothing i emailed him back on the 25th last month so Chris if your their please can you answer me the small question.

now i'm not going to bad mouth anyone and please people lets keep that way their are as we know some very unhappy time custormers who are having problems if this is the case then please start a new post

  Time Group - Chris 10:48 01 Jul 2003

Hi Steven

I'm back in the office today so I'm sending you a reply now. As usual if anyone has any queries please e-mail me to [email protected]

Cheers - Chris

  steven_frost 11:04 01 Jul 2003

ok i've emailed Chris and i will keep you all informed on whats happening

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