Time / Tiny Computers - consumer credit act

  bobo-sparky 10:59 21 Oct 2005

I was wondering if any customers of Time or Tiny Computers have had success yet in receiving compensation from their credit card providers.

My laptop was returned to Tiny for repair 2 days before they went into administration. They have recently attempted to return it to me unrepaired. I told them I was rejecting the goods & putting the matter in the hands of my credit card company who are now investigating my claim.

Is anyone else in a similar position?

  spuds 11:47 21 Oct 2005

Tiny/Time have no responsibility in repairing your laptop, they have gone into receivership.

Get your laptop back without delay, do not wait any longer, before it disappears into the thin blue yonder.Unless the receivers have given you written confirmation that the laptop will be repaired, and the laptop will be returned to you.Once in your possession,inform your credit card company that you are applying your legal rights under 'Equal liability of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 [as amended]. This puts the onus on them to sort out the situation. Do not except 'it is nothing to do with us'reply, it is the credit card companies responsibility to get you laptop repaired or replaced, if you paid for a warranty via credit card payment.Be vary wary of a clause in any documents stating 'Free Warranty', this can lead to other problems

If you have complied with the legal requirements, the credit card company may offer the services of an approved repairer under contract to them. Alternatively they may suggest that you obtain and submit a quotation from a local reputable computer repair company. This route may result in you having to make payment for the repair, and get later reimbursement and a possible wait of 4/8 weeks for payment from the credit card company. Make sure if you have to go this route, that you have a warranty from the repair company to cover their services. The credit card company may not except responsibility for these repairs, and only except responsibility for future 'new and undetected failures'.

  spuds 11:51 21 Oct 2005

Noticed that you have stated 'success in receiving compensation'. What had you in mind!.

  Stuartli 12:35 21 Oct 2005

On the odd occasion I have had to take up an issue regarding an online retailer, Visa (LloydsTSB Trustcard linked) has always been fully co-operative and refunded the original cost plus any expenses incurred such as carriage fees.

  bobo-sparky 12:54 21 Oct 2005


When Tiny originally went into administration I requested that they return the laptop to me unrepaired. I even offered to collect it from them myself. They refused.
At this point I contacted my credit card provider invoking section 75 of the consumer credit act & supplied them with all relevant documentation for them to start their enquiries.
As my credit card company were already involved this is why I later refused to accept Tiny's attempt to return it to me.
I have already purchased a replacement laptop from another supplier. As far as compensation goes I'd consider the following acceptable in descending order of preference:
1) Full refund of the original cost of the Tiny laptop.
2) Refund of the cost of the replacement laptop
3) Return of the computer duly repaired (which I will then attempt to sell)
4) Return of unrepaired computer plus the cost of having it repaired (which I will then attempt to sell)

I was just wondering if anyone else was in a similar position & how their claims were going.

  ami 13:57 21 Oct 2005


You don't say how old the laptop is, or what period the warranty was for, or it's conditions, ie, parts and labour, parts only etc.
These are important points when assessing any possible compensation, especially in view of your preferences.
Also, did you buy the laptop using a credit card, or was that just for the warranty service?
If the product is less than 6 months old when the defect became apparent, or could have reasonably been expected to have become apparent, then it is asumed that the product was faulty at the point of sale, unless the vendor (or other responsible body)can show otherwise.
Under these circumstances a cash refund, less credit for the time you have had full use of the machine, might be reasonable.
In other circumstances then the buyer has no automatic right to a refund but must usually accept a repair if the vendor (see above) so chooses.
Your options 2 and 4, whilst understandable, are unlikly to meet with any enthusiasm from anyone else!

  spuds 16:19 21 Oct 2005


You will not be in any position to dictate what you want,or the conditions that you want to set, the credit card company will be the deciding factor as to whether a replacement, refund,repair or any payments is returned.

Again, I strongly suggest that you obtain from whoever as it, the return of your laptop.If history repeats itself, then many computers and laptops went missing in the final hours of the previous Tiny and Tempo's.This caused many heartaches for people trying to resolve issues, that they had not thought about in a logical way. Get your laptop back, and keep the credit card fully informed.

I would think at this stage, that the credit card company and anyone else involved in the finances of Time/Tiny are awaiting the final outcome of the receivers report.Action is not going to be swift, but if you keep in contact with your credit card company, then request regular updates from them.

One computer of mine was 'lost' and another one was nearly 'lost' through actions of receivership procedures.Fortunately things turned out fine in the end, but not before heartaches and claims,counter claims, denials and rejections surfaced.Not a very pleasant road to go along.

  bobo-sparky 10:51 22 Dec 2005

I have today received a letter from my credit card provider(Cahoot) who, whilst not admitting liability, has settled my claim for the full amount that I paid to Tiny.

  Stuartli 11:01 22 Dec 2005

Glad to hear you have been successful.

  spuds 19:15 22 Dec 2005

But like most if not all card providers, they will never admit liability, even under section 75.

Glad everything as turned out fine.

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