TIME - problems again!

  S.A.W 21:12 09 Dec 2003

My Time PC (purchased in Oct) has been nothing but trouble. First none of the software would work, then the CD RWR went wrong, it was returned to base and replaced, then the modem disappeared!! I phoned time and for £1.00 per min call they expected me to remove the modem and replace it again!! After 10 mins on the phone gave up, hung up and asked a friend to help. The modem had to be taken out, put back in and everything reset. Is this normal for a new PC - the advisor for TIME assured me it was...I have my doubts and still wished I had purchased from elsewhere. I just wonder what will happen next.

any problems with modem's etc in a computer that new.

Although on some machine's, problems do arise.

The main thing that concern's me is that sometimes computer companies place security tab's on the side's which if these are damaged it invalidates your warrenty.

Best thing is if you have a complaint against time is to search through for the time representitive on the site, i dont know who it is know, but they may be able to help if you have any major concern's.

  spuds 23:27 09 Dec 2003

Time seem to have gone very quiet within this forum since Chris Woolford left,so perhaps they have not made a replacement contact yet.You could perhaps try [email protected]

If you still have a serious problem with your computer, then I would take the matter up with the actual sales outlet that you purchased the computer from.A machine only 2 months old, with problems needs investigating, and not on a £1.50 a minute premium helpline.I would also suggest that you have a chat with your local trading standards, who will give you the advice needed on a situation like this.

  MichelleC 09:07 10 Dec 2003

Chris's replacement is Ian and this is his email [email protected] I'm sure he'll help sort things out.

  Gaz 25 13:41 10 Dec 2003

Computers should be trouble free especially if they are so new.

They all have blips but a CD-RW goes wrong then Modem... Ummm. makes me wonder.

  S.A.W 20:30 10 Dec 2003

Have contacted TIME's Rep and will wait and see what happens....watch this space!

  kesser 21:25 10 Dec 2003

hmm, didn't they buy TINY(take it now yours!) when it went ts up? I wouldn't say those probs are reasonable but parts do fail - 1 in 10 apparently so perhaps its bad luck - as above, you would prob have more joy with original outlet - you can speak to a human face to face!!!!! lower end componants have more probs than higher as far as quality goes...

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