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  User-103F6592-F903-4DB9-B7433E06FF7E634C 17:43 08 Feb 2003

I put this thread in the wrong place twice. I wonder if anyone knows if Time Computers are giving a 3 Year return to base warranty with this months No.1 SuperBudget computer the Time Neptune 2600+ PQ. It says so in this months mag. but on the Time Website it only gives a 1 year return to base at £0.00 everything else is extra,in fact the 1 year collect and return £49.00 but this has other addons. If they are only offering 1 year i think this would make a difference to the rankings as everyone else in the chart offers at least three years.

  powerless 18:19 08 Feb 2003

I thought all TIME ( The Computer World ) Standard warrantys were one year...

£250 i think for 3 years, if it says 1 year on there website, then it probably is one year.

You could email them stating that in PC Advisor, issue number and page number it states a three year warranty.

Someones made a mistake.

  MaffPink 19:52 08 Feb 2003

I recently ordered a computer from Evesham. The PC Advisor review of my computer, the Axis 2700+ said that it comes with an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card. I rang Evesham up to double check the spec of my ordered computer just to put my mind at rest and make sure it came with the 'pro' card and not the non-pro card as it didn't specify on thier website when i ordered. They told me that the computer comes with a non-pro card, i told them about the PC Advisor review that stated that it came with the 'pro' card, they asked me to contact them tommorow.

The next day i contacted them and they said that the 'pro' card was currently unavailable due to high demand, but they would order me one from America and also kindly knock some money off the price of the computer. The telephone operator said that they didn't want people to think that they where falsy advertising.

Do as 'Powerless' suggests and inform them of the review, it may work for you as it did with me.

  Time - Chris 09:40 10 Feb 2003

Hi there

The Time website specifies one year warranty but this is an error. This will be amended today and anyone who has purchased the system via our site will get a 3 year RTB warranty.

Cheers - Chris

  powerless 09:52 10 Feb 2003


  Mellyville 13:48 25 Feb 2003

I've just ordered this over the phone and encountered a really horrible HARD SELL sales person. It was an awful experience, she told me that I HAD to have the back-up disk and also that I NEEDED the 3 year warranty. I resisted both and was quickly shunted through the payment process once I started to reconsider buying the system at all. The sales persons desire for me to spend my money clearly outweighed her desire to give me sound advice. If I had less knowledge of computers (and my knowledge is relatively limited) I could have easily been preassured into spending heaps more.
Has anyone else experienced this type of pressure from Time?
I'm desperately hoping that my computer is ok when it turns up because I dread dealing with them again if this is what they encourage their staff to be like!!

  SPW 14:30 25 Feb 2003

some companies advertise three year warranty when they offer 1 year parts and labour and year 2 and 3 labour only, parts will be charged..also tech support is a key issue for most first timers.

make sure battery is covered by the parts and labour warranty. some say 3 months some say none at all. surelly 12months should be an absolute minimum.

from my information Time computers offer a 30 day tech support warranty. look closer and what they really offer is: the first 30 days phone support charged at 50p per minute, after that its £1 per minute. crazy stuff...

  Time - Chris 14:47 25 Feb 2003

Please accept my apology if you feel that you have not been given good sales service. I will speak to our sales team to see why this has happened.

If you have any difficulties with your order just let me know and I'll make sure it's sorted. e-mail: [email protected]

Cheers - Chris

  Merryville 14:45 26 Feb 2003

Thanks, Chris

reading your posts here does make me feel a little better about customer support, it's a pity not all staff are encouraged to be as understanding as you. Just one more thing that you could maybe settle my mind about...

I'm buying the Neptune 2600+ PQ because of the rave review in PCAdvisor but could you just confirm that there are 4 rear mounted and 2 front mounted USB 2.0 ports as the mention of front mounted ones was particularly appealing.

If you want the name of the sales person I spoke to I'd be happy to supply it, she really was out of order :-)

Many thanks

  Time - Chris 15:43 26 Feb 2003

I'm afraid that this PC does not have front mounted USB ports - I believe that was a small mistake in the review. I'm currently talking to PCA about this. However it does have 4 rear mounted USB. Sorry!

If you do wish to let me know the member of staff please send it on e-mail [email protected] I'd rather that their name wasn't mentioned in such a public place.

Hope that helps?

Cheers - Chris

  Merryville 19:54 28 Mar 2003

Oh dear, it all came to a sticky end...

Each time I spoke to Time about my computer I was given a different story - I think their brief is to say what the customer wants to hear and lie as much as you can to keep them happy.

On one day I was given three different days for delivery...so I just sat tight and waited (three different calls because by this point I had realised that i never seemed to get an honest response from anyone at time so three calls just for the hell of it to see what they had to say!!!)

As all these days passed I called again about my computer and was given various excuses about why it had not been delivered (5 weeks after being given a 3 week delivery date!)including saying that there had been an attempted delivery and Amtrack had not left a calling card (I had been at home all that day)...etc, etc, (you really wouldn't beileve it if I went into detail!!!). On Amtracks advice I asked for a consignment number so that they could follow it up and time wouldn't give me one!

I've now cancelled my order but I'm concerned that they will deduct the delivery (that never happened) charge from my refund. How do I stand on this?

Chris if you're still there can you confirm that I'll be getting my whole £871 refund?

Oh and by the way...don't touch this company with a barge pole.

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