Time limit on NHS surgery consultation

  siouxah1 10:37 05 Jun 2010

This is not a rant about the NHS services or abilities. I have found these to be more than satisfactory.

The other day I booked an appointment to see a doctor. I had four points that I needed clarification on. At the consultation I was informed after two of those points had been covered that my time had run out and that the two outstanding points would not be covered. Would I like to make another appointment to cover the outstanding points.

What I am interested in is this. Has anyone out there had a similar experience? If so what were their thoughts on this?

  john 52 10:45 05 Jun 2010

I think this is very much what happens !!I was always under the impression that if the patient has a problem that will take a little longer than normal the advice is to request a double appointment at the time of making the original appointment .
I suppose it depends on the doctor !!

  bremner 10:46 05 Jun 2010

I have recently experinced the opposite at my surgery.

Arriving 10 minutes vefore my appointment I was told by the receptionist that I was next as the person before me had just gone in.

40 minutes later, 30 minutes after my appointment time the lady came out and I went in. The doctor apologised saying sometimes patients need longer than their 10 minute appointment.

It seems your surgery is more interested in getting them in and getting them out than providing a caring service.

  john 52 10:54 05 Jun 2010

I do feel sorry for the doctors these days !! with the Internet everyone is an expert on the condition they have and it is a bit of damned if you do and damned if you do not (patients waiting to see the doctor and waiting 40 minutes in the waiting room for there appointment or asking the patient to make another appointment so the other patients are not kept waiting )

  Colin 11:31 05 Jun 2010

Maybe it had something to do with points you wanted to cover. I'm only assuming, but possibly the GP has take take a view on their seriousness at the time.

  HondaMan 11:52 05 Jun 2010

My doctor's view is that an appointment takes as long as it takes. He certainly doesn't hurry you as he realises that some patients have to "build up" to telling their doctor some things and cannot just come out with it. That may well take longer than 10 minutes!

  siouxah1 12:09 05 Jun 2010

Thank you all for your responses.It is an interesting range of views. I appreciate and respect all responders views.

Specific replies.

John52. That is a good idea. However it was one that I considered. But how am I as a layman going to decide? I may well waste more time. If it is the doctor, then this takes up additional
resources. I would say that I am not sorry for the doctors. They are in business to make money. Although perhaps there are some altruistic doctors about.

Bremner. I must admit that I do not worry about waiting. To me it is part and parcel of the system.

Colin. Yes, therein lies the rub. Who decides whether a double consultation is required?

HondaMan. That is generally my view. Within reason I suppose. But what constitutes "within reason". I do try my hardest to be quick and concise on my visits.

I would not like to think of myself as a hypochondriac. LOL.

Thanks again for your replies.

  lotvic 12:19 05 Jun 2010

I write a list of 'things' that I wish to discuss with my GP. I give GP the list and let him/her decide which is most important and which will require me to make another appt.
That saves both of us a lot of time and doesn't waste a sec of the 10 minute slot.

Also it means I don't 'forget' to mention something.

  siouxah1 13:04 05 Jun 2010

Thanks for that Lotvic. I do make a mental list and present it on arrival. I feel that if something is that unimportant as to go for a second appointment then it is not important at all and therefore I would ignore it.

I will now tick this as resolved. It has given me a wider knowledge of what to expect.

  sunnystaines 14:24 05 Jun 2010

its normal at our doctors the appoint takes as long as is needed no egg timer on the desk.

  Kevscar1 15:14 05 Jun 2010

Ours state if you have more than one problem make a double appointment.

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